Teaching Children To Cope With Change

We know that young children feel safe and secure when they have a steady routine.  Knowing what comes next is how they measure time.   They feel more self-assured when they are with people they know and trust in a familiar environment.  The same is true for older children and adults.  Rare is the adult who thrives from the knowledge that change is coming.  Even more unusual are those adults who institute change.   It is so unusual that we have come up with names for them - “change agents.”  But then life changes and we look at each other and say,...more

Teaching About Trust in a Social Media World

It is distressing that people trust cyberspace with so much that is really personal. How do we teach our children that faceless cyberspace should not be trusted with their most intimate thoughts and pictures?  I think that just as we have addressed dangers to our children such as speaking to strangers & bullying, we need to address their social media safety in an organized and purposeful way.    It is too easy to trust the faceless and our children are growing up with the ability to communicate without ever having to look at anyone....more

No Separation Anxiety? Advice for Parents When Children Don’t Cry

 Recently, I reposted my article about how to handle your child’s separation anxiety (http://tinyurl.com/mbyd6lu).  I received feedback from several people asking for advice when parents will not leave their children until the children cry.  It sounds unlikely...more

Dealing With Your Preschooler's Separation Anxiety

It’s almost back-to-school preparation time.  There are backpacks to buy and clothes to select.  Parents also have the important task of helping their children to adjust to a new school year.  Facing a new experience can be daunting for children as well as adults.  Parents bringing their children to preschool or kindergarten often worry about both how their young child will react and how they will feel if their child tries to cling to them.  Here are some hints for getting through separation anxiety:...more

Is the Tooth Fairy Real, Mommy? - Answering Children's Questions

Two 5 year old children were playing on the playground.  One said, “The tooth fairy came to my house and gave my brother money.”“My mommy says the tooth fairy isn’t real,” said the other.“My daddy said the tooth fairy is real and he knows everything.”...more