Dancing with the Stars Couch Workout

Dancing with the Stars two night premiere event begins Monday at 8/7 c and I am so excited. In our house, it's a family evening where the little ones want to be picked up, twirled, spun and take their bows. They love it. I love it. We have an action packed party with the sparkling ballroom dance floor, band, and judges. In three nights, you can have a terrific workout to start the week. I've created a three night extravaganza for you to ignite your evenings with Dancing with the Stars. 1. Work through the How to videos in preparation for the Cha Cha and Quickstep. ...more

Kathy Kaehler, Hanes/Kids and Contest

Kathy Kaehler, mom to three boys, and personal trainer to many moms including celebrities, has teamed up with Hanes to share wonderful tips to incorporate fitness into everyday living. Parents with kids of all ages benefit by enforcing activities that require movement. What family activities keep everyone moving in your household? To participate in the $50.00 Gift Certificate contest, head over to Go Workout Mom and leave a comment or link from your blog. ...more

Dear Body, A Letter Just for You

In response to Suzanne Reismann's great idea to write a letter to our bodies: Dear Body, I forget to tell you how much I appreciate your service. I am constantly busy and moving to entertain the children, keep the house clean, run errands, grocery shop and, well, you’re quite aware of what I do because I couldn’t do any of it without you. You walk, run and sit with me day in and day out. You keep me warm when it’s cold outside. You keep me cool when I exercise and exert stress on you. You challenge me daily to push outside of my comfort zones to improve in running and strength training. I thank you for being here for me... Read the rest of this entry here. ...more

Thank you for sharing this. It has made an impact on me to become healthier. more

Add Strength Training to Your Workout! Our Great, Great Grandmothers Strength Trained.

Your great-great grandmother strength trained daily. Her household responsibilities included carrying wood into the home to keep the fires warm, gathering water from the spring or well in buckets, milking cows, and possibly moving feed to tend to the animals. ...more