Grilled Corn and White Bean Hummus

GUYS. Grilled. Corn ....more

Boozy Cherry-Pineapple & Mint Slushies

It’s Monday and even though the weekend is done, it’s a day for celebration. A celebration with a cupcake for the kid and maybe a boozy slushie for mom. My sweet, baby chicken turns 1 today! ...more

PB & J Ice Cream

Thoughts on what to say about this ice cream have been swirling through my brain but really, nothing I come up with is doing it justice. I mean, it’s all the flavors of the much beloved PB&J in an … Continue reading → ...more

Popsicle Week: Frozen Lime Pie Beach Pops

I’m SO GLAD IT”S POPSICLE WEEK, guys!!! The last week I’ve been feeling, meh…for lack of a better description. The sweet distraction is much more than welcome, it’s needed ....more

Cherry-Almond Buckle

How was your 4th of July weekend? Mine was pretttty goooood. We rendezvoused with a boatload of family/friends in Reno, then Tahoe, then Reno again ....more

Dark Cherry Agua Fresca

One summer, after college, I worked at Whole Foods. It was a very short stint as part of the opening crew of a new store and one that I just, ultimately, wasn’t cut out for. I worked in the kitchen … Continue reading → ...more

Recently at Betty’s: Hummingbird Pancakes and 3-Ingredient Ice Cream Cake

I’m going to be “that person” and say that I cannot even believe that it’s the week before the 4th of July. I’ve said this before, and I’m saying it again because I’m just still caught in disbelief, … Continue reading → ...more

Roasted Apricot and Vanilla Créme Fraîche Pops

[recipe] Roasted Apricot & Vanilla Crème Fraîche Pops Makes about 10 popsicles (I use THIS popsicle mold). This recipe starts with a simple vanilla sugar—you will likely have extra, but since apricots can be very tart, even after roasting, extra … Continue reading → ...more

Recently at Betty’s

It’s been SO LONG since I last updated you with my recipe contributions over at Betty Crocker. So long that 7 new recipes have gone up and they’re all kind of perfect for easy, summer living. Click over for ingredients, … Continue reading → ...more

Super Easy Strawberries & Sherry Vinegar

I’m writing this on the morning of my 31st birthday and it feels CRAZY but, not for the obvious reasons–wrinkles where there were none before, my new found obsession with moisturizing creams, those persistent gray hairs–but, because I barely registered … Continue reading → ...more