Jam Filled Almond Muffins

It snowed in Portland over the weekend. Like actual now, not just a dusting. Then it promptly rained and froze over so every surface was covered in a thick sheet of super slick ice ....more

Double Chocolate Sour Cream Cupcakes

Happy New Year! These cupcakes are basically a torpedo for any cupcake-averse resolutions you maybe made. Sorry! ...more

St. Germain & Cassis Gin and Soda

It’s been quite the year. A good, crazy, exhausting year. I won’t bore you with...more

5 Easy Cocktail and Appetizer Pairings

How was your holiday?! We hosted and I am totally wiped. Like, so ready to hibernate for the rest of the year (aka the next few days)! ...more

Chewy Orange Spice Cookies

I feel like with Christmas just days away, cookie season is almost at its peak! So, I’m sneaking in one last recipe bedecked in teeny Christmas trees before I sign off for the week to spend time with my family. I’ll likely still be on Instagram and Snapchat (cindyishungry), so follow along there if you.. ....more

I’d Eat That

I am dreaming of white Christmas in a serious way. It’s not going to happen here and I know lots of places that typically have snow don’t have any (yet) this year, but I’ve been wistful for piles of snow covering everything. Sean thinks I’m insane, but I really actually like winter ....more

Candy Cane Marshmallow Skillet Brownie

Last night I peeped this skillet of love (ew, apologies) over on Instagram for a little virtual dinner party I participated in. I brought something sweet to the festivities because all dinner parties need dessert, right?! I figured I should just go ahead and share the recipe over here, too ....more

2015 Beauty Favorites

Okay, guys. It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these! There’s a chance you haven’t even been reading my blog long enough to have witnessed a beauty favorites before ....more

White Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Bark

Normally I’m not super into white chocolate, but this bark! It’s got me hooked. Actually, the hazelnut white chocolate bar from Ritter Sport that got me hooked ....more

I’d Eat That

Guys, last night I played racquetball for the first time ever. Sean has been trying to get me to play with him at the gym and I finally did. It was hilarious ....more