to keep a killer in prsison

I know my part in writing this letter is to explain the hardship and cost of losing my father has brought into my life. First I would like any person that reads this to take themselves backto a toddlers age and have their father disappear, not because he ran away from his respnsiblilitirs or because he was a careless parent, but because he was a murder victim in a random act of violence. When I think of my father, I don't have memories that a father brings to his daughters heart. I do imagine in what ways my life could have been different....more


Cindy Vance My brother in-law has a very rare cancer, when he was 19, the doctors removed a tumor from his hip, he was told he would never have childre, he is a MIRACLE, he now has a beautiful eife, 3 wonderful children, in december lat year the cancer came back with vengence, they removed 2 tumors one wieghed 23lbs, they thought they got it all, we were just told yesterday that it's back, so sad I love my brother-inlaw so much he is such a terrific guy, I wished there was more I could do for him . ...more