Interval Training's Perfect Ratio

According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, a ratio of 2:1 is perfect for work-to-rest interval training....more

Quick Fix for Complexion Dark Spots

Often, as we age, dark spots grace our mature complexions.  One simple and easy way to lighten the dark spots is to cut a plump strawberry in half and rub it completely over your face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with cool water. Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C and also a good source of manganese, along with other minerals....more

Pizza ... It's Not Worth It!

Pizza has become a convenient and favorite family meal.  A pizza store can be found on almost every street in America, at almost every sporting event, mall or shopping center. But did you know that eating the crust alone of one slice of pizza has as many calories as eating three slices of bread?...more

A Delicious Way to Wellness

According to the European Heart Journal, we could all reduce our risk of stroke by a whopping 48% and slash our ris...more

Witch Hazel for Better Wellness

You've probably heard of the medicinal properties of Witch Hazel...more

Positivity Definitely Pays Off!


The Perfect Combination for a Healthy Heart

Fruit and chocolate.  Sounds delicious, right?  But did you know that when fruit is combined with dark chocolate, you actually get a double dose of healthy goodness?...more

Want Better Relationships? EAT!

Have you ever heard of having Hangry issues?  Hangry is a slang term meaning Hungry+Angry.  And according to a recent study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), being Hangry might very well be what's putting your relationships in jeopardy....more

Just When You Thought a Massage Couldn't Get Any Better!

Do you L-O-V-E to get a professional massage but H-A-T-E putting your face into the face cradle of the massage table or chair?  If so, you're just like me and a lot of other people who cringe when it comes time to smooch our faces into that small space where so many other people have been (I call it the NO ZONE!)....more