Colorism is Not a One Way Street

Over the years, I have often heard accounts of discrimination against dark-skinned women from various sources. Darker victims of colorism frequently express their pain and frustration at backhanded compliments such as, “you're pretty for a dark-skinned girl”. They discuss their feelings of being invisible and overlooked when a woman of a lighter hue walks into the room. They want, like any other woman, to have their unique beauty appreciated....more
Here is a relevant extract from my book -- - "Interesting also was what happened in many cases ...more

Is There More to Maureen Peal?

I have always loved Toni Morrison's classic novel The Bluest Eye.  It provides a brilliant glimpse into the world of Black American womanhood in the early 1940s, showing how race and class intersect.  My only regret is that this great work has never come to life on the big screen, unlike Alice Walker's The Color Purple.  Like many people familiar with The Bluest Eye, I empathize with its protagonist, young Pecola Breedlove.  Her story is ultimately one of tragedy and the...more
Morrison has said on several occasions that she feels she did not do Maureen Peal justice. She ...more

We Are People, Not Paychecks

As someone who has battled severe clinical depression for a number of years, I have visited many mental health professionals.  Lately it dawned on me that only one of those professionals treated me with genuine respect and compassion.  I believe that most qualified therapists are truly caring individuals who want the best for their clients.  However, there are just as many that are unethical and insensitive in their approach.  In some cases, it is clear that they are only in it for the financial gain, not because there is a true desire to help others. ...more

Be Your Own Best Friend

As a woman, I have always longed for close relationships with other women, filled with warmth and joy.  The typical stuff-lunch, shopping, nights out with the "girls".   Women that I can laugh with and share memories with.  However, at 27, I have come to the realization that the last time I even came close to doing these things was some time in high school.  I grew up an only child, envious of girls who had a best friend (and a father)...but that is a subject I will deal with later. ...more