Happy Birthday Cole!

Dear Birthday Boy,What a whirlwind birthday week you had!...more

51 Weeks

Dear Colie,Today we ate strawberries on the kitchen floor....more

49, 50 Weeks!

Dear Little Boo,You are a mover and shaker, more and more every day....more

47, 48 Weeks, 11 Months!

Dear Baby Bug,How did we already get to eleven months?...more

44 Weeks

Dear Little Love,What a fun few weeks we have had!...more

Happy Birthday, Kate Said Yes!

Tomorrow marks the four-year anniversary of my beloved little business, Kate Said Yes....more

41, 42, 43 Weeks!

Dear Colie,Oh, my sweet little Cole....more

39 Weeks, 40 Weeks, 9 Months!

Dear Little Boo,Over the past two weeks, I have seen more changes out of you than I have in your whole entire little life....more

Four Years

Four years ago today, I was up at 5am....more

36, 37, 38 Weeks, and Baptism Day!

Dear Butternut,May has been an amazing month in our little house!...more