The Problem With Other Children

I'll cut to the chase - the problem with other children? It's their parents....more

15, 16, 17 Months

Dear Little Love,Mommy is very, very, very far behind (like, three months) in my monthly letters to you....more

14 Months

Dear Little Love,I was worried that by the time I got around to writing your 14 month letter, it would be your 15 month birthday....more

13 Months

Dear Little Bug,And you are off....more

Coming Up For Air

Are you there, world?...more

Happy Birthday Cole!

Dear Birthday Boy,What a whirlwind birthday week you had!...more

51 Weeks

Dear Colie,Today we ate strawberries on the kitchen floor....more

49, 50 Weeks!

Dear Little Boo,You are a mover and shaker, more and more every day....more

47, 48 Weeks, 11 Months!

Dear Baby Bug,How did we already get to eleven months?...more

44 Weeks

Dear Little Love,What a fun few weeks we have had!...more