What's Your Favorite Way To Do It?

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What's refreshing and cooling on a hot summer day?

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Sludge at the Whitehouse

I just read this post and my heart was broken. First Lady Obama attempts at educating the public about the goodness of organically grown garden vegetables were sabotaged by the gardner from a previous administration. This brings about an important point - Beware, if you have started a garden in a new location. A soil test is easy to obtain and not very expensive. You can locate a company in your Yellow Pages. Below is the story...Let me know your thoughts on this post.  ...more

Between Breakfast and Lunch

Between Breakfast and Lunch Brunch is a delightful way to begin any day. The word brunch, a combination of the words breakfast and lunch, causes one to sigh in eager anticipation. Who wouldn't want to sleep in and then be treated to a table overflowing with mouth-watering delicacies that transcend the ordinary?   Why Brunch? ...more