No Longer Reinventing Myself

Karen Walrond took this photo of me in August at BlogHer. When I first saw the image, adolescent-Christine-Koh immediately thought, “Oh, the dark circles under my eyes ... my face is a weird shape ... my nose is too wide ... I thought I got my eyebrows done before BlogHer ... and ugh, those freckles." ...more

"Positive different is so beautiful. And so very now."

I love how that was said! And I agree. ...more

Brands Are Listening, But Is The Hearing Selective?

I would say that in general, I’m a positive person on Twitter, more prone to happy and humorous conversation than rant. But the other week, after receiving a bill from AT&T, I couldn’t help myself. I tweeted and Facebook'd: Right after I finish this peanut butter cookie post I am flexing my wrists to write a strongly worded letter to AT&T. #fuming...more

music & brain mama on the way to more creative pursuits!

Hello all! I'm a "recovering academic" and have started a new site for hip mamas. Boston Mamas offers recommendations on everything from retail to cool ideas to food. Some content is Boston-centric, but there are lots of entries that are relevant to parents anywhere. Would love for you to check out the site and drop a line if you have tips, topic suggestions, products ideas to share. Thanks for your time, Christine ...more