HTC and Jourdan Dunn Launch Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK at ME London

Last night, HTC, a global leader in innovation and design, and worldwide fashion icon and supermodel, Jourdan Dunn co-hosted the launch for the new Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK at the ME London....more

New Book By The Royal Academy's Owen Hopkins Helps Reader Identify Key Architectural Styles

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Gothic and Gothic Revival, or how to distinguish between Baroque and Neoclassical?Owen Hopkins’ Architectural Styles: A Visual Guide (launched this month by Laurence King Publishing) will answer those questions for you and help you to identify key western architectural styles from many different periods of history....more

DJ, Journalist & Rock Star Kenny Weissberg Heads a Great Line-Up on The After Nyne Show

Episode 5 of the After Nyne Show has just launched and I’m incredibly excited about it. I talk to author Jane Cable, Lleucu Siencyn, the Chief Executive of Literature Wales about the Dylan Thomas Centenary and talk music with DJ, journalist and author Kenny Weissberg. There’s also music from Hadar Manor.To listen to the podcast on pod bean click on the link below:

He Asked Me If I'd Read Lolita...And Then He Kissed Me

 Every day seemingly brings fresh allegations. The cases of reported abuse in the Jimmy Savile case is said to have reached 450 victims to date and continues to rise. If ever we needed evidence that abuse can happen at every, and any level, we only have to open up our daily newspaper.I have never needed reminding. Fifteen years ago, when I was 15 years old, I was groomed, and eventually sexually abused by one of my secondary school teachers, over a three month period....more

People Can't Always Handle the Truth...So I Kept Quiet

In my last post, I started to tell the story of how, as a 15-year-old, I was sexually abused by a teacher from my secondary school. In this next post, I pick up where I left off – May 1997, and Mr D had made his first move, kissing me after a staff cricket match.Around the end of June, my year were due to undertake their work experience placements....more

On Banking, And Bully-Boy Tactics

 I have been driven to such despair by HSBC over the past six months that, last week, I transferred my current account to a local building society.A loyal personal and business account customer of HSBC for twelve years, I expected support and understanding when my business collapsed....more

Tempest UK & After Nyne Present Debut Twitter Q&A Session -’Self-Publishing’ – November 21st

You’ve finished writing your book and are thinking of delving into the world of self-publishing. But where to start? Which company to choose? Is self-publishing really for you?It’s hard to ignore the rise of the self-published book – every day you read another self-publishing success story in the press. But you have so many questions.You want to take advice from someone – but who? Imagine finding an agency who can answer your questions, and provide you with more information than you’d every thought you needed....more

Latest News on Callie Carling's Ebook 'Callie's Story: My Journey to Becoming a Breast Cancer Warrior Goddess'

 I'm delighted to reveal the latest five star review on Callie Carling's ebook Callie's Story:'Callie Carling is such a darling! She tells her story clearly & concisely, drawing you in with every word. Her courage & triumphant spirit will lift you up ~ especially if you or anyone you know is having any kind of medical challenges. Join Callie on her journey & be inspired for your own!'...more

The Freedom to Be Me...Thanks Gretchen

My reading list for November has turned up an unexpected gem.Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project is an account of the author’s journey towards finding more happiness in her life. Not that she was at all miserable with the status quo – loving husband, beautiful children, and the courage to make a mid-career transition towards writing – a profession thats she finds immensely fulfilling.No, Gretchen simply set out to look for happiness in places where she wouldn’t have expected to find it. So begins a journey of self discover....more

Why My Failure Was My Biggest Success

 It started so well, 2012.After months of planning, the end of March was going to decide it all. The Liquid Art Fair, Liquid Gallery's pet project, was due to launch on 31st March. At first I had worried whether artists would sign up to exhibit with us. Then I worried that people woouldn't come to see the show.With something like an art fair, as with any event planned in London, adrenaline pumps until the very last moment. There's an internal sigh of relief when your first guest comes through the door, and the second...more