One or Five

Here I am three days out from the release of The One, by Kiera Cass. Honestly, I am now reading for the second time to my nine year old daughter. She is a fan of The Selection and The Elite therefore it is befitting we finish the series together. All and all I give The One five stars. However, there are a few flaws when reading with a nine year old....more

Book to screen adaptation: Divergent

#DivergentReviewHere's the skinny and I will try to avoid any spoilers. I give the book to film adaptation **** (four stars)."How awkward is it Shailene Woodly (Tris Prior) to be standing in the room with your past (Miles Teller from: The Spectacular Now, as Peter), present (Theo James, Four/Tobias), and future (Ansel Elgort, Augustus Waters in The fault in our Stars, as Caleb Prior) cinematic intimate relations?"...more

It's more than words.

With the much anticipated movie based on the best selling book #Divergent from author, Veronica Roth, book fans and moviegoers alike are sure to be delighted.Any reader knows the movie is never quite the same as the book. From stories such as Harry Potter to the Hunger Games the film adaptation can often disappoint.  For those of us that have followed the story of Tris Prior and Tobias Eaton we are on the edge of our seats awaiting the this thriller. We wonder if the movie will live up to our expectations. ...more