Girls Into Gadgets

Andrea Lerned writes one of my favorite blogs by a woman, concerning gender issues. Her particular angle is marketing to women. Her most recent blog entry highlights two facts of note: ...more

Mommy On The Verge
I'm not a big gadget person, I'm a 'late adopter', I still ...more

Return of the Female VC

I know all BlogHer fans have been anxiously holding their collective breath waiting for my return* ... (Does sarcasm ever travel well over a text based medium?) To mark the occasion, I thought I would draw attention to an ongoing effort started by Christine Herron to gather the blogs of all female venture capitalists in one place: Venture Chicks. ...more

I'm looking forward to that post about the scarcity of women in VC, when you get around to ...more

Cool tool for shoppers from DEMO 2006: Kaboodle

The Internet access situation here at DEMO 2006 is pretty desparate. (More on this issue at my blog here.) ...more

It's the only thing my kids will eat -- when they're sick ;o)

Oh, and Class V -- neither did ...more

The Endless Voice Mail Message

"There's five minutes of my life I will never get back again." When I was a management consultant in the nineties, and everyone in the firm seemed to communicate via voice mail, I found myself thinking that more often than I would like. ...more

Thanks for linking to Caribbean Free Radio, ...more

In the Flesh

Virtual socializing is cool and all, but it is always fascinating to me to meet up with Internet personalities in real life. Few are exactly as I picture them to be, even if we've all seen our head shots. ...more

How about Sunday dinner for a Blogher meetup?

I'm doing a panel with three other Bloghers and ...more

Deleting posts?

First time I tried to publish my first post, I got an error message. So I republished it, and now that post in twice. Go to delete one of them, and I get a notice like "Access Denied". Is there a ...more

You probably received an error because I was changing a configuration. Sorry about that.

If ...more

Games and Darwin: the new definition of success in consumer electronics

... is when your product has gotten so big that an entire ecosystem of accessories springs up to ride the wave. ...more