When is the last time you sat in silence, not with a book in hand, but completely still with nothing but you, your thoughts, your breathing?  This stillness, not only through meditation but simple stillness can give you peace. It emphasises you being present in your now, with nowhere to hide, nothing to hide behind.  It is an opportunity to listen deeply within yourself and to listen with-out.  For more visit Claudia Blanton Motivational Life Coach, Fundraiser ...more

Affirmations for You!

Hi Everyone!  Affirmations are such a wonderful, quick way to improve our thinking and direct us toward the positive. Here are some affirmations you can use today! ...more

Play with your Food

Strange title for a blog, isn't it? for more, visit Claudia Blanton is the Creator and Moderator of the Yahoo Group "Think Well of Food" and "Think Well of Yourself." For more information on these groups, and how to join them, visit ...more

Grounded Walking

If you feel disconnected, or completely stressed, and you need to re-connect with yourself, and become more calm, a "grounded walk" can be helpful for more: ...more

Kitchen Makeover - Part One

Hi Everyone! All-right, time to be truthful: How "healthy-living ready" is your kitchen? What I mean with that is: - How cluttered is your kitchen? - When is the last time you threw out spices and things you do not use, but have anyway? - How much junk food is in your kitchen? Do you have any space left over for healthy foods? - Are your drawers filled with things you never use? How about your cabinets? Why am I asking you this? Let me elaborate: ...more

5 Ways to Increase Your Vitality! ...more

More Product Reviews - Eating Healthy and Enjoying it Too!

Hi Everyone! Today, I am back to post a few more food product reviews for you! ...more

Giving Up on Perfect!

Today's Affirmation: I focus on beauty for more visit: ...more

Stop Teaching Children Emotional Eating!

Have you ever offered your child or grand-child a piece of candy or a cookie, because and after they got hurt? for more ...more

Quick Tips on Time-Managment ...more