Blogher11: A view from the other side of the border

A week has gone by and I still feel the excitement and energy that characterized the Blogher11Conference at San Diego. I had been counting the days since I bought my ticket as an "Early bird" on December and wanted the event to take place.I had the chance to participate in the Blogher Bet on March at Silicon Valley, so this was my second BlogHer experience. I couldn´t be happier....more

The 2011 Goals begin...NOW

i have to confess that I am tired of listening, and of doing it for a long time, people talk about all the things they are going to do next year  and how respectful, enthusiastic, thin, studious, working they will become. The problem I have with this way of thinking is a basic premise: tomorrow doesn`t exist, the only certainty we have is TODAY, right now, and making plans to become a better person and leaving the actions till next year arrives.... doesn´t sound great....more

Feliz Navidad with Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo

I want to share with you a beautiful song for Christmas: Feliz Navidad, sang by three great and talented men: Pavarotti, Carrera and Domingo.  Here is the link in case you cannotsee it: Feliz Navidad  ...more

Transforming the Spanish speaking blogosphere: Mujeres Construyendo

I became  blogger almost 4 years ago and cannot say how happy I am for it. I am Mexican, and contrary to the English speaking blogosphere were women represent the majority, in the Spanish speaking blogosphere, we only represent 20% of the bloggers. ...more
Me parece Genial Claudia Felicidades … y como unirse?     more

Spanish speaking women bloggers

  It has been quite a challenge to be a blogger in Mexico. Even though 450 million people speak Spanish in the world, 21 countries have it as its native language and more than 100 million people have adopted it as their second language, it is not the language of globalization nor technology.  ...more

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The art of feeling fine

¿How do we feel fine when everything is upside down?  That is THE question! Here are a few hints: 1. You have to be convinced that you REALLY want to feel fine. Sometimes we say so, but we realize that bottomline,feeling bad is a lifestyle and we might be comfortable in it. 2. Consider the things YOU like in life. Watching a sunset? Being alone? Having a nice conversation? Playing with your pets? Listening to great music? Think about those moments when you didn`t need anyone else around to smile. The idea is to highlight your own selfnurturing capacity. ...more

January 20th 2009: He had a dream

Barack Obama's Inauguration Day is expected worldwide. Its a day to remember Martin Luther King's words:  "....I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal." ...more

Are you a "LinkedIner"?

Are you a LinkedIn user? Probably the question would better be: How many times do you connect to your LikedIn site per day? If you use a Blackberry, probably the temptation is permanent. I only connect to my site when I'm in the computer.  ...more

Building my own path in the middle of the world crisis

I have been out of the  blogoshpere for a few days. The reason? I have been working on business projects that excite and amuse me. I love it, It's the first time I consider buying a franchise and feel happy. Most of the time I have worked for an institution and have received a salary every fifteen days. Now, I have decided to create my own income. I guess it's never too late.  ...more