Streaks, Bugs & Going Gray

More snow on the ground this morning; it fell overnight. It’s still snowing. Maybe 2 – 3 inches? ...more

Small Stories

Gosh darn it. I love the fact that this den is sunken. Just two steps down, but those two steps create a separate little world ....more

On Snark

At 6 am, with great trepidation, we opened the kitchen door. How much snow would be piled up? How much snow would we have to shovel in order for Scout to do her thing? ...more

We’re Waiting

I instagrammed a photo yesterday entitled “The Calm Before the Storm.” Though this photo is a different one, I suppose the message remains the same. There’s a big storm coming. We’ve been deluged with lots of ominous updates and, in the end, who knows exactly how much snow we’re going to get? ...more

Early Sunday Morning

Another porch plant brought in for the winter, this one gracing us with delicate little purple flowers. I sit here in the early morning lamplight – I see to be waking up rather early these days – sipping coffee, while Don plays his guitar quietly in the living room, Scoutie sleeping by his side. I’d say that’s a nice way to begin the day ....more


The last few days have brought a realization....more

Scenes From The Cottage: The Studio

For those of you who are new to the blog, this is a little space I carved out of the upstairs hallway. I use it for my sewing machine and a cupboard that holds supplies and favorite things. I used to call it my studio ....more

Scenes From The Cottage: The Bedroom

I’d say the “Master” bedroom, but really, let’s be honest here. We have two bedrooms. One functions as a guest bedroom/office/studio ....more

Scenes From The Cottage: The Kitchen

The kitchen was what clinched the deal for Don. Not that it has a lot of bells and whistles. Not that it is full of stainless steel appliances and cupboards galore and granite...more