Our Town

Our Town was wonderful. It was heartwarming, heartbreaking, poignant, funny, life-affirming, universal. The cast was uniformly excellent, including my husband, who astounds me each and every time I see him onstage ....more

A Couple of Links You Might Like

The update on the Hill-Sparks girls: I’m still sore, mostly when I try to sleep on my right side, but I feel much better. My wrist is fine now. Scout is doing a bit better ....more

A Tough Day

7:30 am on Saturday. The cranes are back, people are shouting, the street is blocked off, more lifting and constructing. It’s Saturday ....more

On Living (Temporarily) With Less

This is the end of my fourth week on the road. What did I bring with me for this time away from home? Some books, my Kindle, my laptop, my filofax, clothes, research materials and reference books for my work here, some office supplies, some quilts, a pine-scented candle, my camera, some dog food and my dog ....more

On the Road: Cupcakes on Wheels

Last week, as I was sitting at rehearsal doing my thing, I noticed a clear plastic container next to the stage manager’s desk. It held a cupcake. The stage manager on this show is a friend of mine, so when it was time for a break, I trotted right on over there and asked her where she got it ....more

The Park

Much of my off-time here in Hartford is spent reading or blogging or, most importantly, going to the park with Scout. The ‘park’ is Bushnell Park and it’s lovely. It has a carousel, walking paths, and a lovely pond....more

November Felt Critter Patterns

It’s time for two new patterns in our Christmas Critter Felt Along. This month we have the Woodland Frog and the Wetland Fish. To see photos of the finished product, please visit Dawn’s post here ....more

Making A Home On The Road

I don’t usually buy white roses but we usually exchange a single white rose...more

Still Life While Sipping

Still Life On The Dining Room Table. I ran out to get a few things yesterday at the usual places: Target and Trader Joe’s. The alstromeria I bought when I first came to Harford finally bit the dust yesterday (it lasted three weeks!) I wanted to buy some more flowers and though the bright orange plastic pitcher I had been using for the flowers on the dining room table was an interesting choice,...more

We Are Sixteen, Going On Seventeen

Sixteen years ago today, I married the love of my life. Gosh, we look young here! This photo was taken the morning after our wedding by my sister-in-law, Suzie ....more