When Your Kid Doesn't Like to Talk, Keep Talking

My eldest child doesn’t talk.  Oh sure, I get the occasional grunt or head nod but when it comes to a full sentence about something of the slightest importance there is nothing but silence.  Most answers from him to me are mumbled, “I don’t know.” It’s not new -- Duke has never talked.  ...more

what's up with the cute bob haircut, or is that a daughter?
Awesome response by the way, 'fu*k ...more

OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: Resource Blogging - Serving Your Community One Post at a Time

o There is nothing called a free lunch is this world. If anything
needed to be resolved ...more

Garage Conversion: Piggish About Space

So, we have a detached garage on our property that is not used for cars. It's mostly used to store all of our crap that doesn't fit in the house (we don't have a full basement, just a 3 foot high crawl space and small area where the boiler is). The garage is 16 x 20 (give or take) which is a standard size for a 1 1/2 car garage. In addition, there is a bump out on one side. ...more

Pulling Furniture From the Trash and Making it Great

I belong to a group on yahoo called "FreeCycle." The general theme of the group is to try and keep things from the landfills. It's pretty amazing how many things get posted--some really great stuff sometimes. The other night I happened to scroll through the list and saw someone was getting rid of a dresser. I needed one for my daughter's room so I emailed. As it turns out, she lived only a few blocks away from me. ...more