Ether Books

Author, poet, freelancerFor those looking for a great little addidtion to their strolling lives, I've added a quick post to Claudsy's Blog. Ether Books is a publisher that provides short stories, serials, poetry--all things compact--for reading on the iPhone. My post today is a shameless promotion of my newly released story, "Destiny's Decision." This small fantasy is something to get the mind thinking. Enjoy it, all....more
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The Beholder's Eyes

 Are we the product of our cultures? Or, do our brains' wiring determine how we relate to the subject of "beauty"? Could it be a combination of these two factors?On Claudsy's Blog today, aging is the topic up for grabs. How we age is an individual decision. We can concern ourselves to the strict confines of our bodies and how they are perceived by others in the world, or we can concern ourselves more with our minds and spirits and getting the most out of our lives through our awareness of living. It truly does depend on us....more

Illiteracy and Current Numbers

Author, poet, freelancerThe newest numbers are out by the government on the growing problem of illeteracy in this country. As I watch reports roll in on the concern of rising cost of higher degrees and college life, I'm reminded of my own second round of university life.When life handed me more than a bushel of lemons, I knew that a better education was needed for any future I might have. Going to college at 30+ years old isn't easy for anyone. Trust me on this one....more
A serious thought on illiteracy. We need to think about it very seriously, the time is up its a ...more

Food and Blogs

Author, poet, freelancerThis morning I have the pleasure of appearing on Pat McDermott's lovely website blog, Kitchen Excursions.My post focuses on my current experience of putting together a cookbook. The recipes range from appetizers tthrough entrees and side dishes to breads and desserts. And they all have one thing in common. These are all recipes my sister, friend, and I have created that use no sugar, little sodium, and lots of flavor....more

Rejection Slips for Wallpaper

If you've seen one rejection, you've seen them all.Not true. Just this week, I received a rejection within 24 hours of submission. Horrendous, you say. Not really. The story didn't meet with the magazine's needs. Of course, I could have spent more time going through the story, flipping back and forth to and from the guidelines for several hours. Since I didn't take that time, I was blessed to get a personal note from the editor who told me why the rejection was necessary, that he realy liked my writing, and that he'd be pleased to see more of my work....more

Writing Challenge Let-Down

One of the major considerations at the end of a successful writing challenge run, for me, is the subsequent let down as soon as I take time to breathe.Why? Because I have nothing pushing me for the next day; the anticipation factor is gone.It happens for me nearly every time. A sense of purposelessness takes over, a listless wandering of mind and body. Focus has been removed from the outside and time takes on new dimensions unrelated to what I've just experienced. ...more
Hello doll - boy do I know the feeling, esp. during the summer months when it is hot so I am ...more

Finish Line for PAD Challenge Day 30

Taking a few days off during a challenge month has advantages and disadvantages. The relaxation gained by taking time away allows the mind to decompress, to file away new information for a renewed sense of purpose when it returns to cranking out poems for the final day of something like the PAD Challenge....more

PAD Challenge--Day 26

When we come into this world, we are never alone. From that first lungful of air to our last, the world parades a myriad of creatures past our senses in an attempt to get our attention and admiration.These creatures come in all shapes, sizes, temperments, colors, and purposes. And we are one of their number, regardless of what our egos tell us to the contrary. Animals surround us. Some frighten us. Others reach inside with their love and capture our hearts. But, always, they are with us....more

PAD Challenge--Day 25

The history of poetry is a long and honored one. Sports has been around since the ancient Greeks decided to codify it. The Mayans used sport to make decisions. And today, the two came together on the Poem-A-Day Challenge. Write a sports poem. read the prompt. Easy for him to say.But write a poem I did. I took a look at where things in the sports world began and how it is now. The differences are staggering in some ways. The result was as much, I think, about how man and his pursuits have changed as it is about how sports have shifted emphasis and practice....more

PAD Challenge--Day 24--Love

Love is in the sir over at P:oetic Asides. The Two-For-Tuesday Challenge is to write a love poem and an anti-love poem. I have to admit, I chose to combine the prompts to create a piece of verse that addressed both aspects given....more