Clean Air: Help the EPA Limit Toxic Pollution From Power Plants

All people deserve to have clean air. All people deserve to be able to expect that the air they breathe, the air their growing children breathe, will not cause harm. This is becoming increasingly more difficult to expect....more

What do you know about bone marrow donation? Educate yourself, win eco-prizes, save a little girl's life!

I was sent a story about a little girl. A little 10 month old baby girl that was given a devastating blow. A devastating diagnosis that would require a bone marrow transplant from a stranger in order to survive.Kate Boggan...more

The climate is sending us a message - so what do we do about it?

Lawrence Bender is an American film produce best known for producing Reservoir Dogs most of Quentin Tarantino's films, and An Inconvenient Truth. Recently honored at the National Wildlife Federation's Voices for Wildlife gala, Bender and former Vice President Al Gore have been working with NWF to carry the message about the urgency and solvability of climate change to teens through the website, Climate Classroom....more

Slowing down to get through the week…

I hope you all had lovely holidays with lots of meaningful time spent with friends and family. I tried very hard to just be in every moment. I think that is one lesson this second half of 2010 has taught me. I am still learning to let go, to breathe, to just be (and to just be me). We had a lovely Christmas... ...more

Last Minute Ideas For Conscientious Gift Givers

Scrambling to find just the right gift at this late hour? Do us all a favor and think before you run off to any old shop and buy any old thing. Nobody wants that. I ask you to simply think before you shop....more

Top Corporate Human Rights Violators

I was recently at lunch with friends when the topic of blood diamonds came up. Lovely conversation topic, right? But it is amazing to me how many people are so unaware, even me, of the consequences of their purchasing decisions. The unintended human cost of buying certain pretty things, certain foods, even certain necessities (in our culture at least) would really, should really, horrify us all. Horrify us so much that we would change the way we live. But we don’t. Why?...more

The week that brings broken wrists, broken dreams, and silver linings

This week has been one filled with moments of changing perspective, changing attitude, and figuring out what comes next. At the beginning of the week, I fell. That has been difficult with three little ones. I don’t think I quite realized how many things we do requires two hands, or at least are made so much easier with two....more

Fighting for education, fighting for what's right...

I learned today that the difference between a politician and an elected official. The politician will do what he thinks people want him to do. An elected official will do what’s right based on all of the information available to her. My husband and I decided just over a year ago to step out on a limb, take a leap of faith, and signed our 5 year old son up for a brand new Spanish Immersion program in our public school district. It started with an informational meeting and moved on to me doing research because that is what I always do when presented with a choice....more

Maya Angelou made me cry...

She sang, "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..." This is how she began. And she spoke about finding her light, finding our own light.. and I thought of my children. I thought about how each little person starts out with this light and it is up to us to encourage that light to grow. It is up to me to fuel that fire within and help create wonderful human beings. And I wonder if I am? And I cried. "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..."...more

Chemicals in the news...

There have been a number of headlines about the harmful chemicals we are exposed to and their possible harmful consequences to our health. None of this is new, but if it gets more people thinking about the issue, then all the better…...more