7 Tips to Avoid Toxic Chemicals In Food

Realities of the modern world require our attention. Namely, toxic chemicals in or around our food. Our friend, Lindsay Dahl, is on the job with her regular posts over at the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families blog. Lindsay offers specific strategies to avoiding unwanted chemicals in last month's post, Tips to Avoid Toxic Chemical in Food. My personal favorite is Tip #3:3) Popcorn the old fashioned way. ...more
I love stove top pop corn it is actually pretty easy but the air pop is pretty much the same and ...more

The One Tiny Thing That Can Make Your Dream a Reality

The Dream. Whether we've confronted ourselves or not, we all have one. So, what are you doing to make it a reality? Often, the road to The Dream seems overwhelming - a mountain of impossible tasks and daunting sacrifices lined with insecurity and doubt - otherwise, The Dream would be The Reality already.So, how do you tackle this nagging vision? This idea that will not go away? According to Susannah Conway, you tackle The Dream one tiny piece at a time:...more
yes, I made it a point to make my dreams a reality no matter what this year.  I work on one goal ...more

Worldwide Vote on Monopoly Tokens: End of the Scottie Dog?

In the latest example of The Future devouring The Past, one of Monopoly's decades-old tokens is destined for the rust (pewter?) pile. And while the beloved Scottie dog and race car seem safe, things don't look good for the iron and wheelbarrow. A worldwide vote is underway on - where else?...more
How bout a Yacht? Fishing pole would be good- but i dont think it represent money too well, ...more

Recycling and Landfill: What Do Things Really Cost?

Turns out, Annie Leonard isn't the only one wondering what happens to our stuff once we throw it out. In her post, Car Seat Recycling and Depot Tour, Suzanne, over at Mommy Footprint, has a question or two about the lifespan of our beloved things, what can be recycled and the non-recyclable....more
Yes!! We've pared down our waste quite a bit in recent years, which feels so great, but we're ...more

Dealing With Post-Holiday Plastic

One might call it a Greenie Hangover - what to do with all the plastic bits leftover from the holidays? Enter our plastic-free guidance counselor, Beth Terry, with helpful tips and links:...more
Thanks for the shout out!more

Pet Care: Injuries and Health Insurance

Who says animals can't be creative? If you've got pets, then you already know the many ways that beasties can hurt themselves unknowingly. In a recent conversation with Rob Jackson, CEO of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, we discussed some common - and not so common - injury claims that he sees on his desk (including one that happened in his own office) and how they can be easily avoided....more
No, to insurance, and this pup is lucky you were there.more

Waste-Free Solutions to Gift Wrapping

'Tis the season of shopping, eating, drinking, wrapping and decorating, followed by more eating, more shopping, more drinking and some unwrapping. (This will be followed by resolutions, returns and extreme dieting, but hey, that's not until January.)...more
My parents always used newspaper - especially the weekend comics since they're full color. I use ...more

Can Sodastream Replace Soda?

Whenever I ask folks if they like their Sodastream, they respond with notable passion: "It has CHANGED MY LIFE." Wow, um, okay. In this post, Jen drills down to numbers and the reality of replacing soda with a homemade version:...more
@Dwana of Houseonahillorg Do your kids use the smaller bottles for when they are out of the ...more

Holiday Alternatives to Material Gifts

Like many Americans, I am not swimming in extra cash this holiday season. Though I look forward to merry making with loved ones, I dread the money-sucking traditions of the holidays. How can I avoid the buying? And if I must make a purchase, how I can put some deeper meaning behind the gift? My goal this season is to aim high, buy low....more
@Kim_H Very wise words, Kim. Just because you are crazy about something, doesn't mean the giftee ...more

Hard-Won Travel Tips

Leaving the house for faraway lands comes with certain risks. Here are some hard-won tips for easy, drama-free travel:...more
Here's a great gift idea and for protecting your phone, tablet, laptop and even your camera, ...more