Easy Halloween Decoration- Mantel Cover

Sometimes I am not completely original and find an idea in a catalog and know I can make something similar.  I was browsing the GardinRoad Catalog a few weeks ago and pulled out the picture of a decorated Halloween Mantel and set out to replicate it for a lot less.  I say no sew but there is a few straight lines  that I made with our machine but you could probably just glue them together with a strong fabric glue if you really do not want to sew these DIY Halloween decorations. ...more

Kid friendly recipes ideas using baking cups


DIY Father's Day Gifts

www.stayingclosetohome.blogspot.comHand Print Plaques:  I never made a post about these as they are 5 years old but I just purchased wooden plagues from the craft store.  Painted them and then painted my children's hands and allowed them to stamp onto the wood....more

re-purpose a milk or OJ container into a planter for Earth Day

In theme with Earth Day today I thought I would share this fun activity that turns into a child's master piece that any teacher, grandmother etc will enjoy getting.  I just bought a six pack of flowers at Tom Leonard's for 1.79.  Talk about a great present that is inexpensive but very personal....more