5 reasons for why the Kindle isn't that bad

We have fully entered the digital era; we use technology for everything. But in recent years, a new phenomenon has taking the book industry by storm: E-readers. I’m sure that like me, you were adamant that ‘E-readers’ were a sham and that the idea would blow over after a year. And yet, kindles and other electronic devices are still booming, over a year after their release, much longer than my early predictions. This article will explore the advantages to electronic devices like the Kindle, a more than year after their release into the commercial scene....more

Casual couture - Casual outfit ideas

November will soon be upon us, so like me, a lot of you will be updating your wardrobes to prepare for the changing season. Summer is well and officially over so here are some outfit ideas for casual yet stylish wear in the every changing chilly weather ! Be sure to like our Facebook page, Clothe In, or follow us on instagram @clotheinfashion. And don't forget to leave any feedback in the comments section below ! Kisses !...more

Summer skirt ideas

We're halfway through what I believe to be the best month of the year, august! With sun, family days out and ice-cream, what can go wrong? Well with that said, we need to bare in mind that with new summer weather comes new summer outfits. And this blog post will give some skirt ideas to wear in the summer heat....more

What to wear to an interview

Hi everyone ! There comes a time in everyone's life when we must present ourselves in the best way that we can, for example, in an interview. Whether it be for a university, or a new job, dressing well is imperative to creating great first impressions. Research shows that first impressions are formed in about 10 seconds, so why not create them in style? This post will give some much needed fashion inspiration for what to wear if you are going for an interview. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment....more