You Can't Spell Families Without Lies - How Holidays Suck For Dysfunctional Families

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, there is one big, universal push to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Buy, buy, buy. Party, party, party. The cute Christmas cards come streaming through the mailbox every day, the school events, recitals, and class party emails start flooding your inbox, and everyone asks about your holiday plans.What are you doing for Christmas? Are you traveling? Are your parents visiting? Are you having company?...more

Divorce? Can We Keep That Under Wraps Until After Christmas?

What to do, what to do? Over the past few years, my husband and I, like many couples, have had to navigate some tricky family situations. Deaths and divorces and drug abuse and infidelity might be commonplace in our country but, when these issues are impacting immediate family members, they take on a different significance. When you have small children who really need a few more years to be sheltered from the darker side of life, it can be hard to support your family members and also protect your children at the same time....more

Gestational Diabetes Is No Joke, Friends

Big sigh. I just left a super stressful OB appointment that included words like “induction” and “stillbirth.” I’ve cried three times since leaving that office, technically four times if you count the tears at the reception desk while scheduling my next appointments. A cell phone with a dead battery didn’t help the growing suffocating feeling of isolation and dread that spread quickly through my body immediately after my doctor walked out of the room....more

Was it planned? And other dumb questions you shouldn’t ask a pregnant woman.

I have an amazing ability to not look pregnant for a really, really long time. So, for this fifth baby, my husband and I decided to keep this little nugget of info to ourselves for as long as possible. When we finally broke down and started sharing the news with people – around 20 weeks or so, maybe more – our friends wondered why on earth would we wait so long to share such joyous information....more

If you're not pregnant on social media, are you really pregnant?

I am a chronic over-sharer. I confess. I am an over-sharer in real life so the progression to over-sharing on every possible social media outlet was quick and painless. As a teacher, I rationalized my early-adopter ways by saying it was “for my job” – you know, so I could stay connected to my hip, young students....more

Must-Have Monday (And An OXO Giveaway)

 Every once in a while (hmmm – every day), I find something that I think I just have to have. Sadly, thanks to the ease of Amazon Prime and the corresponding app on my iPhone, I often find that must-have item on my doorstep in less than 48 hours. Sometimes, in that 48 hours, I forget what is in the box… Clearly, did I really need it if I don’t even remember what it is?...more

No Summer Slide Here - 5 Tips For a "Smart" School Break

As the school year winds down, most kids (and parents) want nothing more than the freedom to dump their battered book bags in the closet and not think about school or teachers or tests for the next 75 beautiful summer days. In many ways, I am definitely that parent, cheering just as loudly as my kids when they come running off the bus for the very last time. But, in other ways, I see summer as my opportunity to expose my children to what I really believe learning is all about – self-directed exploration, quiet time to read a variety of books, and lots of hands-on adventures....more

Easy Corn and Seafood Chowdah (A recipe!)

My kids and I spend every summer in the beautiful little seaside town where I grew up. In my town, truly local food often means seafood. Drive by the harbor all year long and you will see fishing trawlers and lobster boats going in and out of the channel. Weather watching is a community past-time and the politics of over-fishing and imported seafood aren’t just esoteric topics you read about in the newspaper. ...more