Moms Unite!

The other new Mom in my department came back to work this week.  My heart went out to her on Monday - though she seemed so much more put together than I did that first day.  Why does EVERYONE seem so much more put together than me?  Regardless of how she seemed (did I mention it was way better than me?), I know that first day back had to ...more


My husband and I were flipping channels on the TV the other night and came across this wondrous piece of crap TV – Mantracker ( ...more

Do you want fries with that? - Breastfeeding

My husband has taken to referring to the baby monitor as the drive through window.  I’m not sure if this is because of the scratchy quality of sound, the unintelligible noises she makes (sounds about equivalent to when my order is repeated back) or because her take out order is so quickly fulfilled (and at 3am my customer se ...more