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Ellie is so adorable! She just made my heart melt :)

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Cross-posted from my blog.We picnicked this weekend.  Ellie attended her first Down syndrome event on Saturday, where she was able to meet other kids with extra chromosomes, and we got to meet their parents.  Ellie also met a giant python or boa constrict...more

Down syndrome - A normal life.

As I've mentioned on my blog before, when I was about 11 weeks pregnant, we learned that Ellie has Down syndrome.  I started working on a scrapbook of ultrasound pictures and cards for our little girl.  When we had maternity photos taken, we held the scrapbook in several shots.  On Ellie's one month birthday, the weather was sunny and we spent some time hanging out on the porch.  I read, Ellie napped.  And then, I decided that since the sun was shining, I wanted to take more pho...more

What a beautiful little girl. Just beautiful!

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