Hot Lil Honey

Happy.....June? ...more

Tastefully Simple Giveaway

Tastefully Simple Giveaway Have you ever tried to take a picture, set your cameras settings just so......and then the sun goes behind a cloud as you are taking the shot? ...more

Creamy Nutty Paddy

Creamy Nutty Paddy Today's goal was to create a green cocktail. ...more

X-Rated Love BugHere

X-Rated Love Bug Here we are! ...more

RIPE Bar Juice Review & Give Away

RIPE Bar Juice Review & Give Away Somehow an entire month has gone by since I have posted last. ...more

Santa's Kiss

Santa's Kiss I am completely convinced that we lost 3 months this year. ...more

SIA Scotch Whisky Review and Recipe

SIA Scotch Whisky Review and Recipe I was contacted by Carin, the owner and founder of SIA Scotch Whisky. ...more

Halloween Jello Shots

Halloween Jello Shots It is the day before Halloween and I honestly thought that I would not have time to do a post today! ...more

Mucky Slide

Mucky Slide Hi.....remember me? ...more

Swampy Floor

Can you tell I have been into layered cocktails and shooters lately? ...more