The things worth a million at least

,The things worth a million at least, he said, A sixth share is a great fortune, Dont waste any time turning up the whites of your eyes at me. Ive named my terms and I shant budge from them. You can lay your bottom dollar on that.Da Souza took up the document and glanced it through once more.The concession. he remarked. is granted to Scarlett Trent and to one Monty jointly. Who is this Monty. and what has he to say to it?Trent set his teeth hard. and he never blenched.He was my partner. but he died in the swamps. poor chap. We had horrible weather coming back....more

when grouped with its fellows

conceded to be of such a nature as necessarily to produce a different impression on our senses, when grouped with its fellows, from the impression produced by other atoms when similarly grouped, such primordial atoms do differ among themselves in precisely the same way for all practical purposes as do the primordial elements of Anaxagoras, The monistic conception towards which twentieth- century chemistry seems to be carrying us may perhaps show that all the so-called atoms are compounded of a single element....more

on the left bank of the river

many perfect days we found to our hand, The town of Amboise lies, like Tours, on the left bank of the river, a little white- faced town. staring across an admirable bridge. and leaning. behind. as it were. against the pedestal of rock on which the dark castle masses itself. The town is so small. the pedestal so big. and the castle so high and striking. that the clustered houses at the base of the rock are like the crumbs that have fallen from a well-laden table. You pass among them. however. to ascend by a circuit to the chateau. which you attack. obliquely. from behind....more

oh so differentlyChildren

into the Sabbath-school in our little chapel, and spoke to us children about Him, oh so differentlyChildren, he said, Jesus is not dead. He is alive He loves you. and wants you to love Him He is your best Friend. and He will show you how to be good.My heart beat fast. I could hardly keep back the tears. The New Testament. then. did really mean what it said Jesus said He would come back again. and would always be with those who loved Him.He is alive He loves me He will tell me how to be good I said it over to myself. but not to anybody else. I was sure that I loved Him....more

they quitted their post and followed

movements, and learning that he had struck his camp and marched along the course of the river, they quitted their post and followed, keeping always to the south bank in readiness to repel any attempt to cross directly in their front, This manoeuvre. a ruse on the part of the Mussulmans. was repeated on three successive days. On the third night the Sultans hastily left their camp. returned to the ford. and. finding it deserted. crossed with a large force. This movement covered the transit of the whole of their army....more

his ever thinking of her

his ever thinking of her, Thus for ten years past Granville had only had occasional glimpses of the girl, whom he still sometimes thought of as his little wife, And in those brief moments when they met free from the active watchfulness of their families, they had scarcely exchanged a few vague civilities at the church door or in the street. Their happiest days had been those when. brought together by one of those country festivities known in Normandy as Assemblees. they could steal a glance at each other from afar.In the course of the last vacation Granville had twice seen Angelique....more

Yet there the stones are

mountain-tops, and he was a good enough uniformitarian though he would have been puzzled indeed had any one told him so to disbelieve that stones in past times had disported themselves differently in this regard from stones of the present, Yet there the stones are, How did they get there?The mountaineer thought that he could answer that question, He saw about him those gigantic serpent- like streams of ice called glaciers. from their far fountains slow rolling on. carrying with them blocks of granite and other debris to form moraine deposits....more

fruitful trees

narrow warrant of her gifts, but freely ranging within the zodiac of his own wit, {13} Nature never set forth the earth in so rich tapestry as divers poets have done neither with so pleasant rivers, fruitful trees, sweet-smelling flowers. nor whatsoever else may make the too- much-loved earth more lovely her world is brazen. the poets only deliver a golden.But let those things alone. and go to man {14} for whom as the other things are. so it seemeth in him her uttermost cunning is employed and know....more