Welcome 2011!! New Year's EVOLUTIONS!!

Today is the first Sunday of the year.  In our service we were challenged not to focus on resolutions.  To resolve implies there is something broken.  That struck a deep cord in me.  This year I'm committed to EVOLVING.  A great work has been started in me.  I feel a stirring in a way that I can only describe as expectant anticipation!  I am following my higher self.  The me that was created in Divine love.  The me that takes responsibility for my choices, starting with the first act of responsibility: TRUTH.  ...more

My Course In Miracles

I started reading the book, “A Course in Miracles” a couple of weeks ago.  My church has a circle group.  It was like the Universe was calling out for my participation.  Someone else had mentioned how powerful the book is and recommended it for me.  My inaction did not deter what was meant to be from being.   ...more