Are instruments instrumental in deciding musical genres?

Is pre-recorded the new live?

Just like how professional wrestling is fake, is professional live gig also, becoming fake these days? ...more

Blog Roundup - November 2014

Here's what happened at The Cocoknot Theori last month.

A Thanksgiving Moment

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and we’re really thankful for some of the opportunities we received this year. Here are some of the moments we are thankful for:...more

A Velvet Dream by The Cocoknot Theori

Here's a track we did with our friend, Murali (on the flute) when we had no good studio, equipments or softwares. Its a fusion/lounge track this time. Enjoy. ...more

It's not spelt musician, it's spelt magician!

Music is far from just an art. Its a power that enables you to manipulate and transform the cosmic energy around you. As much as that sentence sounds like a bunch of BS, it is true. ...more