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Mairzy Doats & Steel Cut Oats (giveaway!)

Anyone else grow up singing the...more

oh hey!

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mistletoe, love languages & things

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12 Days of ScanNCut | Day Twelve: Leather & Wood

It’s day 12, and we are talking about leather and wood....more

12 Days of ScanNCut2 | Day Ten: Fabric Detail

Over three years ago, when I received a prototype ScanNCut Machine, I never thought cutting something this intricate from fabric would ever be possible. ...more

12 Days of ScanNCut2 | Day Nine: Color Recognition Scanning

I seriously cannot wait to get a ScanNCut2 into one of y’all’s hands! Today’s feature is RGB Color Recognition Scanning. ...more

12 Days of ScanNCut2 | Day Eight: Felt (win a ScanNCut2!)

Happy Tuesday! ...more

12 Days of ScanNCut2 | Day Seven: Let’s Stamp it All!

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