The date...

Dates hold such significance for people.  Birthday, wedding date, even holidays, but it's other dates that just a handful of people are even aware of that I realize now hold more significance than all the other dates combined.January 2:  Mom had a doctors appointment and asked me to stay with him.  We drank coffee, told silly jokes and laughed.January 3:  Mom called to tell me she was calling the ambulance to take him to the hospital, he had a fever that wouldn't break and congestion, she feared he had aspiration pneumonia, she was right.  ...more

Just say NO!!

What are we doing with our kids today?  Everything is select ball, competitive dance, private lessons, etc.  Whatever happened to just playing ball?  Just dancing?  Sometimes I just want to go back to June and the Beav, I know things weren't really perfect but they sure looked easier!  Everyone wants their kid to be the best, to be the star.  It's human nature and quite frankly I believe that anyone who says otherwise is in complete denial.  Don't get me wrong, I'm right there with them.  I sink way to much money into competitive dance so that...more

The measure of a man....

How do you define a man?  Is he the provider of your household?  Is he that person that can fix anything and everything?  Is he strong?  Smart?  Funny?  Sexy?  I would say yes to all of the above because that is my sweet husband, each of the things I listed is one of the many reasons why I love him.  WAIT!!!  Don't go away...I promise this isn't a gushy (I love my husband) blog...though I DO!!!  This is a blog about a MAN before he becomes a man.My teenage son (the Jolly Green Giant aka The Beast) proved to me and his fathe...more


(I do love me some "I love my (husband, partner, etc)" these days, though! ...more

Conversations with my dad...

Me: "You want a smoothie?"Him:" I want ice cream."Me: "No ice cream, how 'bout a smoothie?" Him: "Why can't I have ice cream?"Me: "It's 9:30 am you don't need ice cream how 'bout a smoothie?"Him: "It's almost 10:00am and I want ice cream" Me: "I'll get you a smoothie"....more