Buffalo Chicken Soup

I know we still have one month until the first official day of fall but I’m getting super pumped y’all!! ...more

Week 37 Pregnancy Update

The Bump Movement – I still love feeling my baby girl kick and punch but I’ll admit, it hurts sometimes!! Baby Prep – I didn’t really do any baby prep last week, at least that I can remember, but everything is pretty much done. ...more

Sunday Spin

Neal and I have an unspoken agreement about weekend...more

Chipotle Black Bean Dip

I love beans....more

How Many Calories Are Really In That Smoothie?

A banana is healthy… mango is healthy… blueberries are healthy… so eating the three of them together in a smoothie is healthy right? ...more

WIAW: Holding On

Holy Moly!!! How is it essentially mid-August already? Kids are legitimately heading back to school and college, football season is almost underway, and fall is just around the corner (40 days until the first official day to be exact) ....more

Week 36 Pregnancy Update

The Bump...more

Day In The Life: Nesting

6:15AM – My alarm goes off 7:05AM – Jump out of bed and scramble to get ready after snoozing for 50 minutes. 7:15AM – Make a cup of coffee and fill up my water bottle 7:18AM – Hit the road 7:40AM – Arrive at The Pedal Studio and set up my spin bike 8:00AM -...more

What is the Best Weight Loss Plan After Pregnancy?

As a blogger who has focused a lot of her writing on weight loss, I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading about others’ weight loss journeys....more

Creating a Weight Loss Plan for After Pregnancy

These past 9 months have given me a great opportunity to step away from my weight loss efforts and to take a closer look at my eating and workout habits. ...more