Timeless Music

Many of us embrace the notion of reviving music with meaningful lyrics, beautiful melodies and powerful messages. I call it "timeless music," which is relevant to us, not because of what the record labels or radio stations determine is "commercial," but because of the special connection that we have to that music because of the emotional moments it awakens in us. In fact, timeless music compels us to let our own personal stories determine for us what is musically "real" or "relevant," commercial trends notwithstanding....more

Embracing Your Whole Self in Your Career

As a person with successful dual careers (music and law), I have struggled with separating my music career from my legal career, mistakenly thinking that they were separate paths on separate journeys. In the early 90s, as I began to flourish in my music career while beginning to develop my legal career, I thought that my music career was counter to my law practice and that I had to be distinctly different people in each respective career....more