The 10 Guys You Meet Online

Online dating in the 21st century has replaced the singles bars of the 80’s and early 90’s. The numbers of people who have or are currently trying to find love online is staggering. Over 7 million people per year register with online dating sites to search for their soul mates. What types of people join, you may ask? ...more

He Doesn't Call Because He's a Jerk

This is a simple concept. However, sometimes we don't want to believe this. We like the guy. He's hot, smart, funny, and his lips curl up when he smiles. We meet him at a party/club/bar/through a friend, and we really want him to be our boyfriend. We picture a life together, a perfect life, filled with perfect possessions, perfect pets, perfect friends, and a picture album in our head of what our life would be like with him. We had a great first date, and he kissed us. It was passionate, and he grabbed at our body with an intense sensuality that made us swoon in ecstasy. Everything was great. ...more