Row: A Tale of Two Barren Women and Their Two Babies

Row: The Story of Two Barren Women and their Two Babies  ...more

Shock and Terrible Awe: Our Television Culture of Violence

 As I watched television last night, I was struck by our whirling, tragic out-of-control world.  So much pain, so much anger and malice towards are fellow human beings. Everywhere is needless death in spades and acts of pure horror without much intent. I'm not talking about the Boston Marathon, although it was all of these things.  I am talking about the new show Hannibal on NBC.  ...more

Holding Desperately to Hope: Waiting on Adoption

This June will be our two-year anniversary of waiting for a child through adoption.   It's been two years, two LONG years since we were considered "Approved and Waiting".    Before that, there was a year process to get approved - homestudies and a pile of paperwork that would make the IRS quiver with fear, so all in all, this adoption thing has taken up three far....more
Your words are mine, too. And there are few who can understand. Nearly nothing makes me a ...more

My Husband is Nick Miller from New Girl

For those of you who haven't seen New Girl, this post might be a total wash for you. But try to enjoy it anyways.  Let me just say - New Girl is hilarious. Every week, it ups the ante, and my hubby Ryan and I find ourselves clutching our stomachs laughing. It's not many a show that can do that. There have been a few. Arrested Development. Modern Family. Community. Parks and Rec. 30 Rock. New Girl.That's the entire list, right there. You should watch it. ...more

A Normal Woman's Guide to the Oscars

It's Oscar Time! Take my excitement for what it is: a mumbled sentence.  My plane ride yesterday + an accidental overdose of Benadryl has left me a trainwreck today.  Ughhhh....Here it is: Your normal girl's guide to the Oscars. I am not an industry insider. I haven't seen all the nominees.  I do not own a designer dress. "Designer" for me means something from The Gap.Here we go:...more

Am Poor, Will Travel.

 We're going to Hawaii!!   In June, my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary!  10 years - it's staggering to think about.  It's incredible that I've been with Ryan for almost a third of my life.  It makes me feel quite old and quite happy at the same time.  We have always wanted to go to Hawaii together. I've been, but Ryan never has.  And Kauai...there is NOTHING quite like it. It's Eden on earth. I want to share it with him....more

Movie Or Stage? A 'Les Miserables' Review by its NUMBER ONE FAN

Number one fan! Number one fan! Okay, maybe tied for Number One along with blogger friend Erika (who posted her review here), or my sister (who at one time talked about getting a 24601 tattoo), or hundreds of other nut-job mega-fans like myself....more
The book is one of my favorites of all time, I can't wait to see it!more

In The Christmas Still

   It's 5am, and I'm up writing a blog. For reasons I can't explain, I couldn't sleep this morning. ...more
Merry Christmas to you and yours.more

Waiting at Christmas: Keeping the Bittnerness at Bay

The holidays are the hardest to be without a child. Last Christmas I thought, "We will for sure have a child by then!" And we didn't. Christmas morning felt a little empty. Being around relatives with young children was painful for both of us. I thought, "Thank goodness I will never have to do this again." Well, it turns out that God has other plans for us. I don't know what they are, but part of it is that we will probably, most likely, have another Christmas with no child....more
There are tons of kids in foster homes waiting for a permanent family. You should look into ...more

The Curious Incident of the Spider in the Daytime Library

Let's follow that emotional blog with a lighter one, shall we?  I'll tell you what happened to me today.   The Spider Incident. ...more