College Life

Well, I have survived my first week of college! Sorry for taking so long to post....not like too many people read this but I'm still sorry. Three of my classes have got to be the most BORING things on the planet. Two because I've already learned what the entire course is about...and the third because I'm reading a bookwhich is a terribly wordy and boring book about industrialization and politics. No offense to the woman who wrote this...she's obviously extremely intelligent but she is overdoing it on the vocabulary....more

My 20 year old has been complaining about boring college classes for two years. This semester, ...more

5 Days

I leave in 5 days...and I haven't even started packing. Things kind of fell through for me and my boyfriend which makes me really sad but I'm not one to air my dirty laundry online. I just hope that if we're meant to be that time apart will be good. If we're not, I hope that I meet someone 100 million times better. It's just hard to believe anyone would be better when you're fresh out of a relationship. Anyways, I'm being optimistic. As optimistic as possible. It's just weird...everyone is leaving and I didn't realize how sad it was....more

It's already August?

This summer flew by and I don't understand. I move in my dorm in 19 days! That's not even 3 weeks! I am by no means prepared for this. I haven't done my summer reading nor have I finished dorm shopping. Tomorrow at 9 am I will be switching my schedule around hopefully. I'm just hoping I make it until October...hopefully college will fly by though. The thing I looooooove about college is that my day is always over in the morning or mid-afternoon. Yes, I know that a lot of college work is about indepdent studying and homework....more

Scheduling problems.

So on August 2 at 9 am I can begin to change my schedule then...and I'm having such a problem figuring things out. As of right now I'm looking into dropping economics and biology....more

Finally making some progress!

Today my mom and I went dorm crazy at Super Target (which is my favorite place to be pretty much.) Originally I purchased a hot pink comforter but I found this and fell in LOVE with it! It's beautiful and I love it so much. It makes me 103492359328538 x happier about college. However, I will still miss my boyfriend muchisimo....more

Kaitlyn 1. Jury Duty 0.

Somehow I got out of jury duty. Whattttttt?! I was dreading this impending doom ever since I heard about it in early spring. I hadn't even registered to vote! I specifically DIDN'T register to vote because I knew no elections were coming up and I didn't want to get called for jury duty. My date was set for May 24...however I knew with college orientation the week after that I would be facing too many absences. So I got my court date reset to......July 19. Which was annoying because it was exactly one month and one day before I leave....more

What on earth do I even BRING to college?

I am an overpacker. For absolutely everything that I do. How am I supposed to move away to college without overpacking? Let's see... Bed stuff (i.e comforter, sheets, blanket, pillows) Computer/ipod/TV Curtains Bath caddy Mini fridge? Microwave? I don't know. :( I can lease them from the college but is that cheaper? Gahh. Brita pitcher? I feel like everyone I've ever met is obsessed with them. Stuff for storage Hangers Clothes appropriate for...August through late October?...more

Vaccinations, dorm shopping, test scores, oh my!

So my university requires a million and one vaccinations. Well, at least that's what it feels like. I am so happy that my mom keeps record of all the vaccinations I've had somewhere that we can find because otherwise I would have gone to get another Tdap vaccination...or been kicked out of school and living homeless on the streets. Not really for the homeless part...but sometimes I feel like that's what's going to happen if I miss something. I went to Ikea yesterday and was completely overwhelmed....more

Kaitlyn Goes to College

So as far as I can tell most of the women blogging on this website are at least in their twenties and are most likely not blogging about higher education. Well, that's all right because as far as I know I'm writing this for myself. However, obviously people are free to read it. I am just absolutely RIDICULOUSLY terrible at keeping up with any sort of diary. Today is July 12, 2010. I will move in to my dorm room August 21, 2010. Classes begin the 24th....more