Cazuela de Mariscos (Seafood Stew)

Colombia is bordered by the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, which provides the country with great seafood. This delicious creamy Cazuela de Mariscos is quick to cook and perfect for entertaining or as a weekend dinner dish for the whole family. I love the combination of Seafood and coconut milk, it is absolutely wonderful ....more

Oxtail, Rice and Vegetable Soup

Food is one of the greatest sources of homesickness for those of us not living in our home-countries or home-states. Even if you love everything else about your new home, you likely still miss some of your favorite foods, that you can only get at ‘home’. The meals that I miss most are Colombian soups ....more

Papas Chorreadas (Potatoes with Cream and Cheese Sauce)

Papas Chorreadas is a typical Colombian side dish, born in the Andean zone of the country, these creamy potatoes are delicious with meat dishes. And they are a must as a side dish for Sobrebarriga al Horno. Red potatoes covered with a delicious sauce made with scallions, tomatoes, cream and cheese ....more

Coconut Flan (Flan de Coco)

Coconut Flan or Flan de Coco is very popular on the Coast of Colombia. Flan de Leche is the traditional flan and is the base for many other variations. This Flan de Coco is one of my favorites! ...more

Sopa de Cangrejo (Crab and Coconut Soup)

Winters in Medellín, Colombia are quite different than winters here in the Northeast United States. I was accustomed to no less than 60 degree temperatures during Colombian winters, so when I first experienced sub-zero temperatures, I realized this was the real winter I saw in the movies. The kind of weather that makes you want […] ...more

Sudado de Albóndigas (Meatball Stew)

Sudado is a very common dish in Colombia. You can also make sudado with chicken, beef or pork instead of meatballs. My grandmother made this Sudado de Albóndigas at least once a week ....more

Mazamorra Chiquita (Boyacá Region Soup)

Mazamorra Chiquita is a very traditional Colombian soup from the Boyacá department located in the Andean Region of the country. Known as “The Land of Freedom”, this region was the scene of a series of battles which led to Colombia’s independence from Spain. The Mazamorra Chiquita is a hearty, filling and rich soup usually made […] ...more

Dulce de Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Dessert)

Noche Buena is the anual Christmas Eve feast in Latin America and Spain. December 24th in Colombia is a day when families get together to have a traditional Christmas Eve meal, dance and party, while the kids play and wait for their Christmas gifts to arrive at midnight. My family always got together at Mamita’s […] ...more

Colombian Tamales

If you’ve ever visited Colombia or been to a Colombian party, especially during the Christmas season, or even have a Colombian friend, then you’ve probably tasted a tamal of some sort. Tamal is one of the most popular dishes at Christmas and at New Year’s Eve parties. In Colombia we use different types of masa, […] ...more

Arequipe de Coco (Coconut Dulce de Leche)

Today’s recipe is a variation of the delicious and traditional dulce de leche or arequipe, but instead of whole milk, it’s made with coconut milk. This makes for a wonderful alternative for those who don’t do dairy. Dulce de leche is a popular dessert in Latin America that goes by many names ....more