My Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist Nour Kazoun

Sometimes life can take you places you never even dreamed of for yourself. Case in point, the fantastic career of Nour Kazoun. The gifted Lebanese born makeup artist thought she was going down the path of a graphic designer, but as they say, life happens while you are busy making plans....more

Isabel Murant for H&M Collection

The highly anticipated Isabel Murant for H&M collection is finally here and I am swooning over all the pieces. The collection went on sale last week and I am sad because so many of the pieces have already sold out! This collaboration is so popular that it caused the H&M US site to crash on Friday from the overwhelming... Head over to to read more!Jacket with Beaded Embroidery, $399...more

Ceramic vs. Titanium Flat Irons

I personally love my Karmin  ;)more

Celebrating Moms in Business

Gossip Girl Inspired Style

When Gossip Girl came out, my sister Fabiola would always tell me I just had to watch the show because one of the characters wore headbands religiously .When I received this adorable headband from Andrea’s Beau, I was absolutely delighted.I have a slight obsession with headbands! I think they are a great way to add... continue to to read more!--...more

Summer Trend: Hot Pink Lipstick

One of my absolute favorite summer trends is hot pink lipstick. I simply cannot get enough of it! I have found the perfect shade in MAC's "Girl About Town" ($15)  and Maybelline's "Fifth Avenue Fuchsia" ($7.49).Continue to to see my other favorite lipsticks and the celebrities already wearing out this trend!...more

MAC Tropical Taboo Eyeshadow

3-Step Plan to Clearer Skin

Beautiful makeup has to start with a great foundation. Therefore, taking care of your skin is a must....more

MAC Contrast Eyeshadow

We have all been there, you go to the makeup counter, the sales associate at the counter helps you pick out two eyeshadows that complement each other and you go about your merry way. If you are like most people, you never find other ways to use these eyeshadows and they eventually disappear into the landfill of makeup you will never use again. We all have a makeup bins filled with such items. I was going thru my makeup bag the other day and came across  MAC Contrast eyeshadow that I bought in 2011! It was great finding an oldie but goodie. When I purchased the eyeshadow......more

Nordstrom Beauty Pretty Party

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in Nordstrom's Beauty Pretty Party at Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, VA. This was a great opportunity to get to know a few of the makeup artists at MAC, try some new products and purchase some new favorites....more