I Want to Kick Discrimination's Butt.

Yesterday I attended a lecture at Merrimack College in MA. The speakers were Jaclyn Friedman, an activist, author and performer and Gunner Scott, a transgender activist and executive director of the Mass. Transgender Political Coalition. They shared their amazing personal stories of struggles and successes and touched on issues of rape, harassment, discrimination and much more. My emotional rollercoaster had me shifting from happy to sad and everywhere in between. ...more

An Act to: Support the Commonwealth and its Residents

Poverty, for many, is inescapable. Education and training are essential for well being and job function. Low-income families would benefit most from education and training, but are least likely to receive it. In order for low-income families to access better paying jobs an effort needs to be made to help them attain the training necessary. Crittenton Women's Union (CWU) is a Boston based non-profit whose mission is to help low-income women and families attain economic independence. ...more

Is your family self-sufficient??

All families, whether single income or multple, are having a tough time making ends meet in today's economy. Massachusetts is an expensive place to live, especially Boston. Would your family be able to afford it? Check out this site: to see if you would be considered self-sufficient in MA. What changes to your life would you consider making to be able to be self-sufficient? ...more