The long run and nostalgic tunes

During a recovery run the other day, I was fumbling around on iHeart Radio, frustrated with the fact that all I could find to listen to was Cold Play. And then, suddenly, somehow, the skies opened up, and a flood of familiar tunes seeped into my ears. Mind you, they were not all favorites, but […] ...more

Running as coping


Tempo madness

I been pushing that gnawing feeling that I need to be running more tempo-paced efforts out of my head for months now, preferring to spend more...more

I’m baaack

It has been, like, forever since I have had more than 10 whole minutes to plop myself down in front of the computer, a computer which needs more like twice the amount of time I have to get anything done. Anyway, I am back. ...more

Long story, short

Because life has gotten in the way of so many of my favorite pastimes, I decided to put a halt to marathon training and blogging over the holidays. Here I am, having still run as much as fit into my schedule, ready to take Oldest off to his college journey. So many strange things happened […] ...more

Decisions, decisions

(Cruise intervals on the dirt. Fun.) This past week sort of felt like marathon training. ...more

A sudden drop and running my own paces

The temperature suddenly dropped from the perfect Southern California mid 70’s...more

My running shoe rotation and training update

Before I get into how the “adjustments” I spoke of in my last post are going, I thought I would introduce you to my friends. This is my current shoe rotation, which is helping me to run with nary an ache or pain. ...more


For some reason, the 5k race last week was the catalyst for a lot of changes that I need to make in my life and in my training. First and foremost, I am considering transferring from the full marathon I was training for (Surf City) down to the half....more

Race report: Thanksgiving Day 5K (La Canada)

I could do two separate versions of this race report, according to my mood. The first one would be extremely positive with a lot of exclamation points and talk about how any improvement is an improvement and how we have to just be thankful for running and not get too caught up in the numbers. […] ...more