Hitting the hills and screaming at the computer

My friend Katie and I got our strappy (bras) on today and went up into the hills with our other friends Carolyn and Jill. When we first started this trail-running thing back in the spring, we had to stop....more

Sort of feeling domesticated and a good book

This book is the reason that I did not run today....more

Smoothies, clown shoes and tempo intervals

Did you know that the best way to wake up a grumpy teenager is to plug in your Nutri-Bullet? Well, it is. Especially since, you know, high school boys are big on eating their greens and everything ....more

Training roundup

And just like that, things are looking up on the running front. I had a long string of really hard runs this past few weeks, and I’m pretty sure my friends got tired of this line that I repeated incessantly:...more

Training just because it feels good and a lazy dog

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in Charlie....more

Back to the grind

It didn’t take long for us to settle right back into our school routine....more

You’ve got this?

(couldn’t resist) I’ve had more than my share of challenging runs this summer:...more

Simplifying and a perfect butt

One of the consequences of going away three times this past summer was the overwhelming desire to simplify my life upon my return. When we returned from the East coast, I immediately began cleaning out drawers and closets....more

Running lately

I didn’t sign up for a fall marathon this year because I truly wanted to take a break from the near-exhaustion I feel when I am running high mileage week in and week out. I also knew, after I saw a few pictures of myself finishing up the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon in Ojai, that I needed to take a break from training for marathons to work on strength. Those pictures indicated what I already knew:...more

Sending them off and I couldn’t stop running

It is always with mixed emotions that I send my three boys back off to the institution known as school each August. Tomorrow the madness begins again. Though I will look back at this summer with fondness, (mostly) I am more than ready for a bit more structure in my daily life....more