Another training week down and kitty parkour

No matter how hard we try, we cannot get Zelda to give two cents about #tracklife....more

Mountain running and TJ essentials

I hit the trails again yesterday, this time dragging my running buddy Carolyn up Brown Mountain and beyond....more

Close to fine

I managed to get out to the track again this week after a long, long break from speed work....more

My sweet spot mileage

Hopefully I’ll have time to express some of my thoughts more fully this week....more

Miles of trails and the need for a wife

Without the weight of a race on my shoulders, I have been loving easy miles on the trails around here....more

The slow build back up and the housewives of blah blah blah

I ran my first post-marathon run today where I didn’t feel like I was sucking air the entire way. Even though I felt a bit discouraged all week last week as I was slogging it out during recovery runs, I was encouraged by the fact that I apparently peaked on marathon day. After you taper down, run your race, and then bring it back down for another week, it is often hard mentally to get back to it....more

Running up hills and crazy mom texts

We made our way up to the top of Cherry Canyon this morning, and this is me looking at how sweaty it made me to do so....more

Something else

We drove our minivan full of our three little boys across the country back in 2006, and the thing that I remember most clearly about the trip was Youngest, who was 2 at the time, whining from his carseat behind me: “I want something else…” I have no idea what the something else ever was, but I remember handing him puzzles, books, food, toys, anything… Nothing was ever the “something else” that he wanted, so I had to go to my happy place during that… The post Something else appeared first on Complex Mom ....more

I am an addict and she’s just like a boy

For me, sitting around and allowing my legs to recover from a marathon is a million times worse than sitting around anticipating a marathon. I am such a running geek that I begin to obsess about all of the things that I want to do...more

The aftermath

I suppose recovery from a race starts the second you cross the finish line....more