A conversation with myself and a little side trip

We said good-bye to our track last week, as it will now be torn up for a few months for renovations. As a send-off we ran a final workout, but one that fit within the rules of the community school coach’s parameters. He did not like that we ran intervals because that made us look […] ...more

Feel the pain and last week’s training

I went out for a few recovery miles today, and was thrilled when one of my favorite songs of all time came on iHeart radio. Especially because I was having one of those amazing, energetic, too-good-to-be-true runs until I turned around and headed straight back into the wind and up the hill to get home. […] ...more

Change is imperative

After a full year of sleep deprivation, I finally had to put Zelda’s nocturnal ass out to sleep in the living room with Charlie. Poor Charlie has never really slept in our room because he has the godawful habit of licking himself very loudly in the middle of the night, which is disturbing on many […] ...more

Soon to be trackless

Soon I’m going to be track-less, so I am trying to enjoy that stupid damn oval as much as possible. The Community College track that we use will be closing shortly due to construction, and on top of that, the track coach has decided that instead of greeting us when we work out, he would […] ...more

It’ll be fun, they said

And just like that…it’s over. Another youth cross country season is in the books. Which means I can finally clean my house and get my life back together ....more

Training update

Well folks, I did it. I finally tackled those long-dreaded mile repeats. We decided to do them together, Katie and I, ...more

Tiger in the cat and all of that

I know the time is nigh that I will have to buckle down and get harder workouts in for marathon training, so I am trying to get a few last things done before the perm-a-fatigue settles in. Like painting my front door green, for some odd reason. Also I’ve been savoring every moment of cross […] ...more

Putting some work in

Despite my soreness, I got in some glorious runs this week. The weather pattern finally shifted away from change-your-shorts-every-time-you-drive-somewhere temperatures to get-through-the-entire-day-in-one-outfit temperatures. ...more

A stalker and a sideways snapchat

Just in case you were wondering, Zelda is still keeping an eye on Charlie for me. ...more

Four Four and sweating some more

I have a 20 ounce coffee mug that will no doubt help me to ring in my 44th year. ...more