Marathon training insanity

This was the exact spot where I was standing on an out and back run a few days when I bonked. Hard. I wanted to cry and call someone to come pick me up....more

That which inspires cussing

I hate to admit this, but I yelled out a terrible cuss word at 4 a.m. two nights ago when Zelda inexplicably bit into my toe as I slept....more

A little annoyed and a pleasure read

I am just checking in, from my place in line here at Big Lots to tell you a few things that I keep forgetting to share....more

A really bad outfit and a cup good of joe

I ventured out into the rain today with all of the wrong clothes....more

Making it hurt and the Glide Boost are soft soft shoes

I have to snap myself out of this bliss that is marathon training....more

Goals for the Surf City marathon

(A little muscle tone going on here…progress.) After a while, talking about marathon training gets a bit tiresome....more

Rainy day running and a quick boost

This strange liquid began falling from the sky last night, and it was so freaking frightening that Zelda did her best prairie dog impression and Charlie jumped into bed with Middle, laying is paw over the unsuspecting teenager’s face. You would think these pets are from California where rain only happens like twice a year. Anyway, I am usually more than happy to go out and run in it, but I wasn’t really into finding all the right clothes and hats today....more

A few quick things…

First of all I want to tell you how happy I was to open up Good Housekeeping today and see that finally the fashion world has gotten a clue about how to dress appropriately....more

The donut incident

(source) There I was, sitting in my car, my boys looking on in horror as I pushed the last bite of a massive chocolate donut into my mouth. “Mom! I have never seen you do anything like this before!” The older one and the younger one smiled at each other ....more

Surf City marathon training: week one

I am loving this marathon training cycle so far, mainly because I was able to get a nice running start to get here. Even as I was training for the Santa Clarita Half and then the 5k a few weeks, I always had my sights on this cycle. Surf City on February 2 will not likely be my A race for the spring season....more