I’m okay with this, really

On the one hand, I am coping fairly well with my new, strange hip pain. I am taking the time to get other things done, take better care of my nutrition and generally rest up...more

The lies we tell ourselves

So, in the end, I’m grateful for a break from running....more

Adding insult to injury

To the woman who is facing the imminence of her 45th birthday and who is also hobbled by an inflamed bursa, the arrival of a Coldwater Creek catalog, casually inserted among the grocery store sales pull-outs, was unwelcome indeed. I mean, of course they have nice clothes and everything....more

Finally, I can get on with my life

Please raise your hand if you are somewhat relieved that the 2016 Olympic games have come to a close. Mine is waving high in the air....more

Transition time

I ran up into the mountains with Katie today for the first time since we were marathon training last spring....more

Leaving the summer behind

Good lord, can I please get myself back into shape again? This whole summer has been a mess in the running/eating department....more

The Oiselle Stride shorts that continue to elude me

So if you’ve been reading here a while, you know that my absolute favorite running shorts are the Oiselle Stride short. ...more

My first successful stride and a reluctant teenager

The house is quiet;...more

Big changes and a more vibrant life

We are on the cusp of big changes around here. My baby, my youngest is heading off to Middle School. Luckily Middle gave him a tour of the school....more