A trail run and a question answered

With temperatures predicted to reach 100 degrees today, we opted to head for a shady trail. ...more

Adding up the miles…or not

I quit using Dailymile a couple of months ago. ...more

Two things…

I almost let this day slip by without writing, but I am trying to at least stay on track with this, in the hopes that everything else will eventually fall into place. So Oldest has one foot out the door, so at this point there isn’t much we can do to embarrass him....more

The pain exchange

Running away is a lot more fun that facing things, though I suppose...more

Fear and self-loathing in suburbia

(Sorry this post isn’t really about running. I’ll get back to that.) Once the fog of hormones that accompany the child-rearing years wear off, a certain...more

Getting through the dog days

100 degree days have meant a lot of time in the water around here. I’ve taken our annual late-summer...more

A few off days and sad for Fido

I don’t have a lot of time today, but I do want to share that I went through a mini running slump over the past few days. But first let me tell you another quick running story. So after the long run during which we cheered on 100-miler-types, I recovered for a few days, jumped […] ...more

Back to school and a running adventure

I was trying to wait until I emerged from the piles of laundry and endless to-do lists to blog again, but let me tell you straight up, that ain’t happening. That work is never done. So here I am, a day after the boys have gone back to school with my normal conflicted feelings; lamenting […] ...more

More summer adventures and training update

Running continues in the best way possible, which means that it is being squeezed in between all kinds of other summer adventures. There’s pretty much no way to screw up a summer...more

What I’ve been up to and a training update

Believe it or not, I am still here. After this past school...more