Some pre-marathon meltdowns and a control freak

First of all, let’s get the running misery out of the way. I HATE TO RUN! I hate all of my running shoes ....more

Filling up the tank and putting in the hard work

I finally bit the bullet and made overnight steel cut oats yesterday....more

Checking off my to-do list

Like everyone and their brothers, I hate the taper, though I won’t bore you with tales of being bloated and a bit manic. Instead, I will share with you a few pictures of what I’ve been doing now that I’m not running 24/7 trying to reach my 80 mpw goal every week. I finally replaced my favorite lipstick with a similar one....more

I finally found my love language!

You know how people talk about what their “love language” is?...more

Let her eat cake

I was so hungry after Sunday’s workout, that on Monday when I went to buy produce and nuts at a market near my running loop, I went ahead and bought myself a cake as well. Most of you know that I am rather health conscious– I don’t generally eat cake — even at birthday parties....more

I made it to the taper and the simple life

(More relaxing mornings with coffee, Nuun and the paper coming up during the taper) Well, folks....more

Shoe problems and getting agey

As usual I’m sitting here three weeks away from a marathon with no bloody idea what shoe I am going to wear on race day....more

Post traumatic shopping disorder and some gentle running

You would hate to go shopping with me....more

Running to the snow and one more week to go

This week I learned that there are two ways to find snow in Southern California: You can run to 4,500 feet and find a little bit. Or you can drive up to 7,000 feet and find a lot. (Charlie wasn’t so sure about the white stuff....more

A quick look back at 2014 in running

Oldest has taken over my computer to apply for this silly thing called college (most applications are due January 1st!), so I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog much at all this week. I finished the year’s mileage today with mile repeats on the track....more