Fragrant hills and getting after it

All the running continues over here in these parts....more

Savoring the track life

Zelda wants so desperately to go outside. ...more

The things that you should do but don’t do

I don’t know how I feel about buying brand new pants with big hole in them....more

Use injustice to fuel your fire

First, a few words of advice regarding the college application process: Burn all of the marketing materials that arrive in your mailbox each day from elite colleges. Oldest received glossy catalogs from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, Columbia and Stanford, among others....more

Track weekend, an anecdote and a uniform

The weekend was spent at various tracks around Southern California....more

Slowly getting back to normal

I am going to give the trails credit for helping me get back to normal. I had no idea that going through this college acceptance/rejection process was going to be so jolting....more

A last minute road trip and not being into running

(This is the only picture that I can upload right now…) I should have known, when a few weeks ago, I finished my long run at 18.69 miles instead of running until I got to 19. I should have known when I ran four 400’s and felt like I was going to die. I definitely should have known when my family asked me if I wanted to go run through the redwood forest on Sunday morning and I said, “no.” And if I didn’t know… The post A last minute road trip and not being into running appeared first on Complex Mom ....more

Running with gusto and hidden Clif bars

Okay folks, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming....more

A cringeworthy atrocity

Last night Youngest asked me how to spell “atrocity” while I was stretching out on the floor and simultaneously talking to MFP. He is a loquacious lad, so my survival skills as an introvert kick in in dealing with him; I have a drawer full of responses to his many inquiries: “Go look it up…” I said, and went back to my conversation. Yesterday Oldest got his penultimate rejection from the school “of his dreams,” a phrase...more

Cursing mommy and what’s your excuse?

We are sort of moving out of the college admissions doldrums a bit around here, and I am trying my best to find humor where I can....more