Last week’s training and cooking up a freaking storm

I’m so happy to report that I am finally doing “workouts” again, so I am officially a badass again....more

Finding that voice

So in line with most mid-life crises, I have had a bit of a panic this week about my lack of career. ...more

Last week’s training and probably more

I’m starting today’s post with this photo of Youngest for two reasons. ...more

Ready for the next chapter

We’re still at it, climbing those silly hills in the neighborhood. Since we last spoke, I’ve had some good and bad days. ...more

Deciding whether or not to return to Beantown

The only thing that can turn an otherwise successful cross country season bad, is spectating while injured. ...more

Such a classic move

In our family, when someone does their signature move, we call it a “classic fill-in-the-blank-with-the-person’s name.”...more

Getting high (in elevation) and taking a ride on an emotional rollercoaster

I was finally able to get high! Higher up in elevation, that is. I admit, it wasn’t the best idea to do my first real run back with a friend on the steepest ascent in the neighborhood ....more

The sweet, short miles of recovery

I am happy to report that I have run 7.5 pain-free miles since we last spoke. It hasn’t been all pretty, mind you. I felt fabulous in my first run back, a bold and brazen 4.5 miles, which undoubtedly should have been a mere two, but still ....more

Can a marathon course predispose you to injury?

Quickly, two things: I find it strange and uncanny that almost everyone I know that ran the Mountains 2 Beach marathon this past May has been riddled with injury this summer. Sure, it could be that we all happen to be over 35. ...more

I’m okay with this, really

On the one hand, I am coping fairly well with my new, strange hip pain. I am taking the time to get other things done, take better care of my nutrition and generally rest up...more