A quick trip upstate and last week’s training

We traveled to a cross country meet upstate this weekend, so last week was all about preparing for and executing this trip on top of all of the regular duties. The meet went very well, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle my normal long run after so much time spent […] ...more

Training marches on

Running is going well again, my groove is back, and I’m officially a few days into...more

Keep ’em above ground and sore, sore legs

First, let’s get these beauties out of the way. ...more

Let’s be friends, even when it’s hot

Most of you know that Charlie and Zelda have struggle with their relationship over the past year. Jealousy, hatred, you name it. But now, it looks like they are both waving the white flag, and are, for now, getting along ....more

So many obstacles, so little time

The universe is definitely testing my commitment to a healthy lifestyle lately. Last Thursday night I went out to dinner with a few girlfriends. ...more

Getting back on track

Cross country season is underway, which means piles of stinky clothes and insatiable appetites at my house. Which means I have to hide my Cocoa Puffs if I want to have them around for those twice-weekly cravings, when nothing else in the world will do. So far the season is gong well, but Youngest is […] ...more

Fighting for the run and taking off the cape

My long run yesterday was a disaster. ...more

Giving up and giving in

What kind of dumb a$$ signs up for the summer discount program with the power company? ...more

Quality and quantity

Oh my gosh I hate the internet. ...more

Back to the oval office…ugh

After months of avoiding it, we finally went back today. When I say we avoided it, we did so for good reason. ...more