Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy Episode Rundown

The weakest scurry, fanatic cults rise, and Jon Snow knows nothing again, WHAT, in this week’s Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy Episode Rundown. Yes, we finally got a glimpse of Dorne in the opening credits with a wrapping, open mouthed snake rising toward the sky. We know something ruthless will come out of this new location. So, without further adieu let’s discuss our top three moments of, Sons of the Harpy....more

What We Loved About GoT's High Sparrow Episode

Game of Thrones High Sparrow Episode Rundown  No Book Spoilers Please Psychos rule the world of GoT, Ramsey Bolton marriage proposal and we meet the new leader of the Sparrows, which I assume by Cersei's reaction they smell pretty bad?! My first take on High Sparrow underwhelmed me at first, except for the two ‘oh crap’ moments, finding out Sansa’s intended, and Jon Snow’s 'no mercy’ tenure. But, watching it a second time through I couldn't be more wrong. By the way I apologize for posting the recap so late this week, so let's get right into our favorite Game of Thrones rundown....more

Revenge Drives The Women of Game of Thrones

 This Week On Game of Thrones, The House of Black and White Breakdown (No Book Spoilers) Another great episode under our wings. We got a new location this week, Dorne, though it didn’t make it on the opening credits. And, we got a mention of the infamous Sand Snakes, hopefully we will meet them very soon?!From the beginning of The House of Black and White it was powered by our female leads, Arya, Sansa, Brienne, Daenerys, and even little revenge talk from Ellaria. Well, actually the dominating theme this week was revenge. Let's break it down....more

Game of Thrones Season 5 Is Underway

Non Book Reader, The Wars to Come Episode BreakdownSunday felt a little like Christmas morning with Game of Thrones season 5 premiere, and of course the continuation of Mad Men’s final season. Though our viewing party had fans of both shows, I understand that they are from two completely geeky worlds – but it made for a great party filled of wine and bourbon (I think we should have rethought that one through!). Lets get on with our highly anticipated Game of Thrones premiere, The Wars to Come and breakdown our favorite three moments. ...more

The Walking Dead Forget: Cocktail Party, Applesauce Cookies and Buttons

The Walking Dead: Forget, Memorable MomentsI think some of our Grimes members are forgetting how to live. Glimpses of the old Rick peek through every once and while, Sasha is not coping with her new surroundings, Carol has truly gone spooky cruel on some kid that will probably never sleep again, and all in the weirdest most normal setting – a cocktail party. Did I mention we are talking about The Walking Dead? So, without further ado let’s dive into our favorite memorable moments of Forget, Episode 513....more

2013 The Independent Petite Sirah From Club W Review

Ever wondered what wines will stain your mouth after just one glass? I'll tell you the 2013 The Independent Petite Sirah is definitely one of those, but don't turn your nose on this dark, jammy and dry wine just yet!...more

Club W Review: A New Kind of 'Wine Club'

  Wine Club Revolutionizing How You Discover and Share Wine I’m the first to admit, if it has anything to do with wine, I’m pretty much a sucker for it. I love finding new wines to drink, recommend and add to my party arsenal! So, when I noticed the Facebook ad for W Wine Club I was very intrigued....more
A friend recommended this service, so I gave it a try.  The wines were low quality with very ...more

The Grimes Group Transforms Inside Alexandria

 Best Moments of The Walking Dead's Remember EpisodeAndrew Lincoln’s baby blues were on full display in Sunday night’s Remember episode. Yes, Rick got a hold of scissors and a razor to reveal a clean shaven face again. Remember was full of physical transformations, and well what, Carol in a sweater!?Let’s go down the rabbit hole and discuss....more

Too Much Hope Makes Rick Angry, "The Distance" Episode 511

 Our Top Three Moments From The Distance Episode 511So, their obviously is not a ‘right way’ to approach a group in the apocalypse, but you might want to avoid any kind of dance jokes unless you want to get popped in the face by Rick Grimes. Was it just me or didn’t you get the urge to shout, “In the face” at the television? Ha, no? Okay, let’s discuss our favorite moments of The Distance. ...more

Heartbreaking or Boring The Walking Dead Them Ep 510

The Walking Dead goes Boyhood on us. Sure, we don’t see the group age twelve years, but the daily routine of surviving could be either categorized as overly heartbreaking or boring depending on your opinion of Sunday nights episode, Them.The group continues on the slow journey to Washington, running out of gas in every which way imaginable – emotionally, physically and mechanically. The question served up in last night's Them episode, is how much will they want to survive, and are they willing to fight for it? Let’s discuss some of our favorite moments....more