Norina ST. Romanian Fashion Designer

High school Memories, Fashion and The Love for ArtsThis week I want to dedicate my downtownGirl post to one of my talented high school friends Norina Stoica.After years of wondering what happened to my high school classmates and friends, thanks to Facebook, I, like many out there, am able to keep in touch with long lost friends....more

#StarWarsHalf Got Me Motivated

 Last week K Lo. and I signed up for our second Disney half marathon: The Star Wars event, which will take place January 2015.Since our first half marathon, The Disney Tinker Bell half, we’ve been asking ourselves what’s next?  What run do we sign up for, because we can’t just train the way we have been and simply stop....more

Fashion Trends – The Dropped Crotch Pants

Dropped Crotch PantsMost agree that the dropped crotch pants are a controversial topic in fashion today. There are many fashion trends that are either here to stay or making their transition and we quickly find ourselves onto the next thing.Personally I love clothes that are timeless for a few reasons:...more

Versace High Fashion Obsession

Versace – True Story, Missed Opportunity & Hopes for the FutureVersace is one of my top high fashion designers of all time. I love the detail of the Versace clothes, the artistry and the genius behind the glamorous and edgy aesthetic. Donatella Versace has continued to wow us taking Gianni’s legacy to a new level with amazing fit, simple yet unique cuts and exotic fabrics. Versace, the brand, stays true to Gianni’s vision to make women feel empowered, sexy and nothing short of godly perfection....more

Summer Style – Swimsuit Edition

Summer is quickly approaching and I am finding myself completely unprepared to face the sun in style. Finding the perfect swimsuit can be quiet a challenge. Fit, coverage, the perfect color or print to compliment your complexion before and during the sun tanning are all imperative when looking for the right swimsuit....more

Vogue Kim and Kanye cover

Vogue magazine to many girls out there, represents the fashion mecca of the world. All of my life the word VOGUE meant something special. I follow Vogue on social media, print, and I watch any TV show, documentary, or film that relates to this fashion empire. If it has anything to do with Vogue, I want to know about it. Like many, I’m Vogue obsessed....more