So I Guess June Was My Blogging Vacation?

Sorry friends.I have done a lot of sharing on Facebook (if you haven't followed me there, search Confessions of a Farm Wife, and there you go).I have put pictures on Instagram (again, follow me @emilywebel...evidently I need more friends?).But blogging has come a very, very, very distance third.Sigh.I would love to have an exotic tale of how Joe and I were whisked away on some summer getaway, or that we all went as a family on some well planned, family friendly vacation.Unless you consider trips to the pool, grocery store, softball games and endless hours spent refereeing twins who are evidently training to be baby WWE wrestlers vacations, then we've just been here, trying to figure out how to do summer with six kids.So far, so good...I guess. I have to laugh at myself, however. When we first had the twins, folks asked how in the world we were able to get anywhere ....more

You Thought the Internet Was Big? Well...

What about electricity?This was a conversation my grandmother had with one of my cousins as they were discussing the amazing capabilities of the Internet. She listened intently with great interest, as she always does, and when he finished explaining how life changing, amazing and innovative the virtual world was, she replied, in her quietly calm voice,"So was electricity."Touche.This is my grandma, though. It's been a big week for her, for Amelia, for all of us ....more

It's Summer? Really?

I'm only saying this because I'm sitting here in a closed up house with a jacket on over my running gear. It's cold here!It's summer?Really?Really.It's summer in that we've already had ballgames and a sleepover and swimming. It's summer because there's been daily calf washing, groaning about Mean Mom's screen time rules.It's summer because 50% of the kids are still sleeping, and it's a quarter to eight.I'm typing fast ....more

Holding His Own

In case you haven't noticed, I tend to blog on my kids' birthdays.Mainly because I feel nostalgic, and love to celebrate them.And then there's also the fact that I have given up baby booking/scrapbooking/videoing anything other than on my iPhone...etc., etc.So, today's Jack's fourth birthday. Just a few months ago (read: four years ago), I wrote this about him. So full of questions about how this little guy would fit into the land of girls ....more

He Took the Words (and the Burrito) Right Out of Mouth

Friends, while I have called out Dr. Oz and other extremist about GMOs, I AM for choice in food.Who am I to tell you what to buy for groceries? I don't know your religious, social, health, whatever issues.I truly, truly believe you can eat whatever the heck you want ....more

Growing Souls

If you’ve landed here, you’re either a loyal, lovely reader, or if you're a new friend, maybe wanted a peek in my window of craziness. Regardless, we're talking about mamas today....more

Being Extreme Is Just, Well, Being Extreme

Okay.So my family farms. We are a grain farming operation, specifically growing corn and soybeans.Grains.We also grow kids around here. Lots of them ....more

"Dr." Oz vs. Actual Doctors

Today, I actually sat down to watch the Today show (yes, I'm still watching it, even though sometimes I feel like it's a sibling show to E! News.). Why is this so monumental? Well, friends, with our house remodel, we have now joined the 21st century with...drumroll please...THE DVR.The fact that we use the word "the" before DVR means we're new to this phenomenon.I'm digressing, but it's exciting.Anyway, I was able to actually watch the segment that was coming up thanks to this beautiful new feature called "pause" (after being alerted by my good friend Holly via text), as it was about everyone in the agriculture world's favorite doctor ....more

Aging and the Ageless

After sharing this Instagram picture on Facebook last night, I received a comment that completely shattered my already tender, aging heart.Do you see the comments about the daughter who is 25? Well, I was her daughter's sixth grade teacher, when I was 25. Vickie so kindly shared wit hme that Lauryn, my sweet little student is--wait for it--25.Like, as in out of college.As in a quarter of a century.Twenty FIVE FREAKING YEARS OLD.I thought they were still in high school, because, clearly, I am just shy of turning 30.Not really.Isn't aging fun?Anyway, it led me to a conclusion ....more

Easter Hangover

First of all, let me just thank you all for your kind words about my last post. I am trying to be real, relatable, and in a relationship with you, dear readers, so your commentary makes this writer's heart soar. Thank you for supporting me.Secondly, is it appropriate to have the word hangover in the same title as the day we celebrate the risen Christ?Too late.We seem to be hitting the sacreligion hard ....more