Need more CHOCOLATE! :) Ovulation Time

WOW! TALK ABOUT A FEEDING FRENZY OF MY HORMONES!Yesterday i was just soooo flippen tired it was crazy. And it was morning! Then finally today i got a clue (DUH!) I was ovulating. See, I'm just learning my body all over again and it's functions and it's cycle. After having 4 babies one after the other i've 4gotten the routine and the system of my body. So, I've had my 4th baby in Jan. and now i'm on a mission to find me.  ...more

Lu'au (Luau)

K......So sorry for you out there who thinks they know how to throw a lu'au.... in my opinion, you don't. Sorry....more

Please Jesus Please....

Dear God, ...more

Year of the Dog......

I am born the year of the dog, and reading the background of it, IT'S TOTALLY ME! Sometimes it sucks, sometimes. I mean the DOG personality is caring, unselfish, altruistic, One of Life's Givers! When i read it it hits everything (almost everything) that i am. We make great partners. Loyal, dedicated, sticks thru the good and bad. Even if we are unhappy in love the dog is likely to stay put rather than cast off. The dog is always anxious to please. Good traits but sometimes it's like WHY?! ...more


Another Day, Another DollarAnother Panty left to Wash :) Has your lover ever started something and then just got to tired to finish it? Well, tonight's  a good (GOOD:) example of what i'm talking about. Let me set it up for you. ...more

Another Day, Another Dollar