The Summer Slide?

So I have these books that I bought in preparation for summer. You know the ones. The ones to bridge your kids through summer onto the next grade ....more

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Hand Foot Mouth Disease is running rampant right now. Storming through your local daycare, preschools, and mall playgrounds. It’s a virus (namely Coxsackie virus) that causes fever, malaise, irritability, mouth sores, and blisters/rash on palms of hands, soles of feet, and sometimes buttocks and thighs too ....more

Like Yesterday

Just yesterday I was holding you on my hip. Swaying from side to side. A motion, it seems, gifted to all new mothers ....more

Tips for Soothing a Fussy Baby

Being a newborn can be hard work. Being a parent of a newborn can be even harder. It’s exactly like everyone told you it would be, except now you’re living it ....more

The Teen Connection: Helping Teens Safely Navigate Social Media

Teens are actively engaged in social media, social networking, and texting....more

5 Ways to Help a Toddler in Distress

Toddlers certainly add excitement to our lives, don’t they? One minute they’re on top of the world singing and dancing across the living room. And the next, they’re a pile of tears on the kitchen floor ....more

Stealing Moments to Play

Play, like genuine uninhibited laughter, is good for the body, mind, and soul. Kids need it. Crave it ....more

5 Things to Remember About Fever

The flu, RSV, colds, Croup, strep throat, ear infections…they all have one thing in common…they can cause fevers. And as any parent can attest to, it’s often the fever itself that freaks us out more than anything and prompts many parents to call their child’s pediatrician or hustle them off to the emergency room. Fever is clearly not a parent’s friend ....more

Working mom: the highs and lows as captured by a 6 year old

She does this dance. A genuinely happy, exuberant, twisting, jumping, and twirling dance. And it’s all for me ....more

For the sake of sleep: 2 things to do today

No doubt you’ve heard me say this before, but sleep is really the cornerstone of your child’s health. And unfortunately, kids (and teens in particular) don’t often get the amount they need. Over time this can add up to increased stress, anxiety, meltdowns, poor health, headaches, and a decline in their academic achievement ....more