Who Knew a Farmer from Iowa Could Waltz?

*Alternate title for this episode...Her Mouth is Not a Virgin.Mr Harrison is giving the girls a pep talk and explaining the week. ...more


I'm starting to notice a reoccurring theme in my life. My education in Greeley Colorado was....lacking. ...more

I'm Moving to Target

You know I love Target. It is a happy place like no other. ...more

Sharks on a Sea Lion

Jimmy Kimmel is taking over and helping Chris find his wife. ...more

2015 Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture

I am so excited!! ...more

Luckiest Guy with Two Thumbs

Flashback to last week!Kimberly the yoga instructor has walked back in after being dismissed. ...more

What Do You Know About THAT?

Did you listen to the Serial Podcast a few months ago? ...more

Bachelor Chris: Everything is Awesome

A Bachelor Premiere like we've never seen before. ...more

RIP Elly May

When I was a kid, I watched The Beverly Hillbillies all the time! ...more

My Children's New Year Resolutions

Erick and Meghan wanted to get in on the action. ...more