Snow Day

I will never ever get tired of that lovely phone call at 5:35am.That phone call from the Superintendent of Jeffco School District telling me that school has been cancelled because the snow that fell overnight makes getting to school dangerous.God Bless you Dan McMinimee!I get another day with my kids that are growing so fast I can't keep up! ...more

Bring On The Wild Monkeys

A dramatic...more

Upstairs Circus

A year ago, ...more

Out of Her Shell

Chris is reflecting on how Britt reacted to not getting the rose the night before. Chris is meeting up with Becca and hanging out at his fancy loft so they can talk. ...more

Puke or Cry

Here we go people.....FOUR hours of The Bachelor! We had a huge conflict in our home because The Walking Dead and The Bachelor were going down at the same freakin time! I lost the coin toss and had the watch The Dead first.What we're going to learn right now is how Chris is feeling and Kelsey is going to tell all ....more

Save a Horse, Ride a Farm Boy

Reminder...we are still finishing the most dramatic rose ceremony ever from last week.Kelsey was crying on the floor and now they are giving her oxygen. ...more

Caution: Brewing Company

Last weekend, Keith and I went out on a date. ...more

Chris and Carly Make a Porno

*Alternate title....The Kelsey ShowThe bachelor and his lady friends are on the move.Santa Fe New Mexico seems like the perfect place to fall in love. ...more

February Goals

January 2015 Goals Lose 4 pounds. ...more

Marking Time

If I could save time in a bottle The first thing that I'd like to do Is to save every day 'til eternity passes away Just to spend them with you ~Jim Croce If I have one regret in life, it's that I didn't make more of my time. I sit here today as a 44 year old woman that wasted time married to the wrong people and/or stuck in the wrong job....waiting for things to change. ...more