Moo Shu Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Vibrant stir fried veggies, shiitake mushrooms and savory baked tofu are drenched in a flavorful hoisin sauce and wrapped up in crispy lettuce leaves to make these scrumptious moo shu tofu wraps. It’s beginning to look like I’m a bit fixated on lettuce wraps. Also, I’ve made it my personal mission to create vegan versions of every Chinese restaurant menu meal ever eaten ....more

Thai Red Curry Corn Chowder

Sweet summer corn, rich coconut milk and flavorful Thai spices go into this spicy red curry corn chowder. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with summer. On the one hand, I’m not into the heat ....more

Green Tea Granola

Golden raisins, pistachios, along with matcha powder and the flavors of vanilla and cardamom are baked into crunchy oats in this healthy and delicious green tea granola. I make granola at home constantly. When I tell people this, they’re either super exited and all about sharing the granola love, or they’re not, in which case they generally have one of the following two justifications for their feelings: (1) “Granola is too healthy for me.” (2) “Granola’s not healthy enough for me.” Isn’t that funny? ...more

Mexican Cauliflower Steak and Guacamole Sandwiches

Thick slabs of cauliflower are pan seared and roasted with spices before being stuffed into sandwich rolls with spicy guacamole in these sloppy-good Mexican inspired sandwiches. Can I just say something? Don’t take this the wrong way, but cauliflower steaks sound like such a terrible idea ....more

Rosemary Chicklins & Dumplins Stew + Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking Cookbook Review

Tender rosemary dumplings, vegan chicken and veggies are simmered in a rich herbed broth in this hearty stew from Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking. Well now. Here we are, post Memorial Day, temperatures steadily climbing, and I’m posting a recipe for comfort food ....more

Creamy Mango Sorbet

Adding a bit of coconut milk to the mix makes this vegan mango sorbet extra rich and creamy. I’ll be truthful here and admit that I’ve never been big on sorbet. Why eat something light and fruity when you can eat ice cream? ...more

Cilantro Pesto Pasta & Black Bean Salad

This refreshing and hearty picnic-perfect vegan side is made with zesty cilantro pesto, pasta and black beans....more

Maple Whiskey Barbecue Tofu Sandwiches

Get down with your bad vegan barbecue self this weekend! Simmer up some savory maple whiskey barbecue sauce and slather it on some grilled tofu, for these intensely delicious barbecue tofu sandwiches. I can’t take full credit for this one ....more

How To Make (Almost) Anything Into Vegan Bacon

Homemade vegan bacon is possible, and it’s easier than you think! Learn how with a handful of ingredients and a few simple steps, you can turn (almost) anything into vegan bacon. When I was a little kid, one of my favorite books was about this boy who unwittingly turned everything he touched to chocolate ....more

Balsamic Berry Chia Jam

Fresh summer berries, maple syrup and balsamic vinegar are simmered and thickened with chia seeds in this flavorful and healthy chia jam. I didn’t make these intending to blog them. I just had some berries in the fridge that I wanted to use up before they went bad, so I decided to make some simple berry chia jams ....more