Headed Towards Spring

I love this life!  It has clearly been put on my heart by God above.  This path has been placed perfectly in front of me. I was raised in a large metropolitan city with no thought of ever being an animal breeder or farmer.  God has led us to this place we named CrossWind Farm.  This name signifies the Cross, the everconstant wind that blows though our land and into our lives, the cross aisles formed by our barn construction to allow the wind to circulate most efficiently and the aeronautical term signifying crossing the active runway perpendicular to the wind direction....more

Spring as Arrived at CrossWind Farm!

Spring!  We are glad you have arrived.  On the Farm, spring brings an increase in work to be  done.  The Arabians' manes and tails are whipped by the wind all day long and need brushing and de-tangling.  Have you ever seen a beautiful Arabian mane full of "dreads"?  It is not pretty.  ...more


We are having a wonderful winter.  Not like the last two with freezing temperatures for weeks, frozen water pipes, breaking ice on livestock tanks and stall buckets and brutal winds. Don't get me wrong - I love chill, snow and beautiful winter skies, but I feel for our animals when the temperature takes a significant dive.  Are they warm enough?  Are they getting enough to eat and drink? Do they have a good wind break?  All tough questions when you are snug and warm inside by the fire.  So, I am really enjoying this winter and looking forward to a warm, wet spring....more

New Year, New Start

It's January and a new year.  Most people are happy to say goodbye to 2011.  It didn't work out well for lots of people.  In January people look forward to a new start, a new look, a new job, a new life.  How you look at this new year that we have all laid out fresh before us stretching a long bright way into the future is what matters....more