Arguing Autistic Style

Today I was going through life at my chosen pace of slightly controlled chaos management when *the text* came through from a parent saying that was what code yellow with her son and his math teacher had quickly escalated to code red.   I was driving when I could hear the dings of the texts coming through so my passenger ended up reading them to me, a confused sound to his voice as he translated a parent watching a situation quickly gain negative momentum and me just listening, shaking my head as I am attempting to nativigate traffic.   According to what the mother descri...more

Me and Autism, Part One of Many

The other day, I was on a date, and the gentleman of question inquired as to what exactly I do. ...more

Introductions Are Always The Hardest

I am a sleuth.My colleagues sometimes call me "Mr. Wolf" because I solve problems.My mother calls me "the Austistic Whisperer."I call myself "The Patron Saint of Lost Causes."My dogs just appreciate it when I feed them on time....more