Pinterest is Ruining My Nursery

Shut up.  This minute...this instant.  Just shut up.  I get it.  I'm behind the Pinterest-is-runing-my-life power curve.  I know that there are memes, websites and social media posts out the wazoo commemorating this topic. ...more

Dammit, Babies R Us!

Recently, I stumbled across the hilarious marketing GENIUS that are the Luv's "First Kid, Second Kid" videos.  If you haven't watched them,  here you go.  I'll wait.  You are WELCOME.  And I found this video because I was googling pregnancy information.  Why?  Because it's been a long time since I needed pregnancy information, and also because I'm knocked up.  Surprise!  <...more

I Don't Want to Wake Up In 1972....

There are a myriad of reasons that, without a doubt, I will vote for President Obama's second term...such a myriad, in fact, that I am only going to discuss one reason.  .  My daughter's uterus.I am a happily married woman, and I couldn't imagine life without my children.  Like any parent, my ultimate goal is to raise them in such a way that they are able to be happy, successful, productive members of the human race. ...more

...And Everything In Its Place

            It started with planning.  Planning meals, planning events, planning homework schedules.  The planning became a compulsion, a temporary world where (if the spreadsheet was done right and the colors complemented each other) everything made sense....more

My Anchovy Scented Flight Home....

I have to be honest, guys.  I respect the casual flier.  Now, I'm not talking Wal-Mart Couture or anything.  But decent jeans or sweatpants, hoodies, t shirts, sunglasses, sneakers, know, the kind of shit that you wish you were wearing during travel, but never are.  I love it.  My standard uniform whilst flying is jeans, t shirt, hair in a bun, iPod, purse, and flippie floppies.  I swing by a Starbucks, and my coffee, my iPod and I sit at the gate.  You know, because there's nothing like drinking something with an octane rating and...more

Organizing Your Military Home, Part One

Fall has arrived, everyone!  Things are apple and vanilla scented, stores are boasting everything from frozen turkey to Christmas trees, and neighborhood porches are encrusted with maniacally grinning orange gourds.  It’s also getting chilly, which signals the beginning of the Great Winter Couch Potato Race!  Rather than save your cleaning for spring, why not get some of it done now?  Make some room for those holiday gifts, and decluttering will make the house much more bearable during those dark winter months.  I promise. ...more

This House is Not a Home

There are days the panic starts to take over. Days that you wonder what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it, and if it’s what you’re supposed to be doing.  It’s so easy to ignore the big questions and just keep pushing forward, because momentum is good.  It makes you feel like something is getting accomplished. ...more

Ten Years Later: A Veteran's Reflections of 9/11

On September 11 of this year, we meet the 10 year anniversary of a tragedy that froze the world.  A decade ago, humankind watched in awe as graceful aircraft plummeted headfirst into the World Trade Center, knowing our lives had changed forever....more

It's As Though The Candy Should Belong To Him....

I’m fully aware that this is the first blog I’ve written in, like, six months.  It should probably be a piece riddled with beautiful, Soldier adulating prose.  Maybe next week.  Today I’m pissy, I haven’t talked to my husband, and the underwire broke in my bra.  The clouds keep coming in, and there's just a tiny bit of rain. Then the clouds part and we're back to the miserable hot that makes me grumpy enough to punch a kitten....more

I Caught My Own Writing Bug

I don’t think I could even be placed into a specific blogging group. I don’t write enough about being a parent to be a Mom-blogger. I don’t write enough about current events to be a News Blogger. I don’t purchase anything regularly enough to be a Review Blogger. Mostly I just am inspired by a line, phrase, or picture, and the words start to flow. And boyohboy, do I love when those words start to flow. ...more

I'm not the only one with this conundrum! Thank you so much for your insight and thoughts. It ...more