Crazy Weekend

This weekend was a biggie...our house went on the market in SF Bay Area. We are looking for an investment that will create jobs, and create new opprotunites. We think we have found what we are looking for yesterday. My friend and I are also starting a business that will help other women start their dreams, and start them on their business path. I am so VERY excited about all our new prospects. First things first, gotta get our house sold to move on to the next project. ...more

Biggest Risk EVER

Today, is the day I am going to sign documents that will be our biggest investment ever. I am so scared, but also excited about the possibilites that this prospect will bring for our family. This is something that can be generational. My hands are perspiring, just thinking about it all. Have you ever been scared when you started something new?...more

Remember Latin?

Do you rember Latin? When I was a lifegurad at New York Athletic club a priest would come in everyday to swim. I was reading Latin poems, and he told me "I have never seen anyone reading Latin for fun." He then stated writing me notes in Latin, and I would decipher them for fun. I will never forget Father Miller. He was 90+ years old. I enjoyed being his friend. Do you know this line?Omnia mea mecum porto?It means...All that is mine, I carry with me. Deep right? ...more

New Chapeter

In just a few days our home in the SF Bay Area will go up for sale. It has been a long journey. We love our home in the Bay Area, but recently moved. We now are ranch owners. We also own serveral other properties. One of the newest aquistions has brought about a change for me.I recently had a great idea, and wanted to share with the world. I attended a "Women In Business" luncheon, and my life has changed. I talked, and talked about my business idea at the luncheon. Then, it happened I met my new parter. She said..."I have been wanting to do that too." ...more

Mac Geeks Unite

I have had every iphone since the beginning. I don't sell the old one, instead I give it to a family member. My phone has become an extension of myself, or in other words...a tool that I don't leave home without. I am not one of those people that texting others on the JOHN. I have however texted in some strange places. I have just about burned dinner while texting, and tweeting. Have you?...more

Casey Roberts

Art has always been a part of my life. Just becasue we are living on a ranch does not mean that I am giving up my art. One of my first in my collection was...


Do you research your family? I have been researching my family for years. It is easy to get started. In fact when I first started there was no internet to offer assistance. I only knew stories that my family told me. Fascinating stories were told around the table, and especially at family reunions. I think every year the stories grew into taller tales. ...more

Sunday Dinner

There is nothing harder for me than sitting still, and doing nothing. Today, my daughter and I made a great Sunday dinner. My daughter made the biscuits that my great, great grandmother used to make. I am going to have to post that recipe to one of my Family Friday posts. Do you make special Sunday dinners? Honestly, since I am not 100% better with my leg I would have ordered something to be delivered if we still lived in the city. Now, we are country people. So, if we don't really have plans to go out, we have to make dinner. ...more

Injury Has Sparked Creativity

Just the other day, one of my dogs (Italian Mastiffs) raced by me in the house. She knocked me to the ground, and I sustained a knee injury. The first day I texted my friends, and read a book. Yesterday, I watched Netflix most of the day. Today, I am spreading my wings. I updated all my info on BlogHer, and thought...Why not turn this situation into something positive? Now, I am even thinking of attending the Blog conference in Silicon Valley. Yippie! ...more